• Trevor Loudon Delivered Terrifying Comments About Communist Activity In CT At CTRA Event Last Year

    Source: Connecticut Republican Assembly (CTRA)

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    Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker and public speaker originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, though now he lives in the U.S. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics.

    He came to speak at a special event entitled "Communists in Democrats' Clothing" arranged by the Connecticut Republican Assembly (CTRA) last year (May 2022), and delivered a powerful, and frankly terrifying, message about Communism in Connecticut.

    He started off his comments by pondering why Connecticut is important to the Communists.

    "Why is Connecticut important? Well, you know, you're right next to New York. You're a big financial center here. You're influential. You've got a lot of submarine bases here. You've got a lot of military technology here. The Communists targeted this state very early on because there's money here, there's military here, and they had a big bleed out from New York. The Communist Party's headquarters was New York, and Connecticut was the place they bled out into and basically took over the state."

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    Loudon thinks there are probably less than a thousand Communists here, perhaps 500-600, but that they have essentially taken over the state government. Well, not just the state government, he believes they are running the US government right now, too. He said the Communists are structured similar to the mafia, and operate with secret members, including attorneys on the payrolls, they own politicians and, of course, control labor unions.

    He describes how the Communists are influencing policy decisions, how you can control a nation through socialized healthcare (Obamacare anyone?), what Communist-controlled groups operate in the state (e.g., Black Lives Matter, all of the labor unions, The Working Families Party, The New Haven Peace Council, Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans), how many Connecticut politicians are tied to Communists (e.g., Governor Ned Lamont, Senator Richard "Danang Dick" Blumenthal, U.S. Rep John Larson, U.S. Rep Joe Courtney, U.S. Rep Rosa Delauro, U.S. Rep Jim Himes, U.S. Rep Jahana Hayes) and much more in this fascinating, eye-opening talk.

    "When the Democrats are in power, the Communists are in power," says Loudon.

    "We are in a revolution folks. We're in a revolution right now and they're in the final states, and if we don't do something, we're going to lose it [our country]. We're going to be run by China. We're going to be run by horrible foreign dictators forever."

    It's an absolutely sobering message.

    And definitely a call to action for everyone to help save our country!



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