• Trump Endorsed US Senate Candidate Leora Levy Wins CT GOP Primary

    August 9, 2022
    Trump Endorses Leora Levy For Senate After Clean Sweep Against GOP Establishment In August Super Tuesday

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    Trump endorsed Jewish Cuban-American Leora Levy won the GOP primary by 11 points at last count against GOP Establishment-endorsed Themis Klarides. Levy was magnanimous in her victory speech and declared the party needs to united to beat incumbent Richard Blumenthal, affectionately known as Da Nang Dick.

    She stated Blumenthal has been in office almost 40 years and behind all of Connecticut's and the nation's problems.

    Emotional in her victory speech, she stated, "We have won the first race, but the biggest race is yet ahead."

    The crowd was boisterous in their support, and excited about her candidacy.


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