• "Two Moms Talk" With Former CT Secretary Of State Candidate Rapini On Free & Fair Elections In Wake Of Bridgeport Absentee Ballot Scandal

    September 23, 2023

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    With one Democratic mayoral candidate accusing another Democratic mayoral candidate of ballot stuffing, it has become acceptable to talk about voter fraud in the state of Connecticut again.

    Following the September 12th Democratic primary between current Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim and his challenger John Gomes, surveillance video of a ballot drop off box has been leaked that calls into question the integrity of the primary election.  The video alleges to show Wanda Geter-Petaky, the Vice Chair of the Democratic Town Committee and an employee of the City that works at the government center where the drop off box was located, making and/or coordinating at least four separate drops of ballots, early in the morning on September 5, 2023.

    We should both take charges of voter fraud seriously and demand a high level of evidence against those accused.  This means we need to know the laws for absentee ballots and the exact allegations being made.

    Get all of your questions answered on this week's episode of "Two Moms Talk" on the Teaching Liberty youtube channel.  Guest Dominic Rapini, a former candidate for Secretary of State in CT and current Chair of 2WinCT, has spent years studying the electoral system in the state of Connecticut.  Rapini explains the history of voter fraud allegations in Bridgeport, as well as offers his common sense platform for conducting free and fair elections.

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    Stephanie Edmonds

    Stephanie Edmonds is a public school teacher turned advocate, and creator of Teaching Liberty, an internet show and podcast that covers current events, including on-the-ground independent reporting and interviews. As an advocate, Stephanie uses her knowledge of the education system to work with various non-profit organizations to help families understand their rights, as well as to advocate at the local, state, and federal level for and against policies. Stephanie is also a mother and homeschools her son. You can follow her work on YouTube, Rumble, Instagram, or X (twitter).

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