• U.S. Congressional Candidate Michelle Botelho Condemns Attacks Against Jewish Students At Yale

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    By Michelle Botelho

    Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress CT05, Michelle Botelho condemns the violent and unlawful acts committed against Jewish students by those involved in the occupation at Yale University, including anti-Israeli activists assaulting Jewish students, taking down the American Flag, blocking major intersections, and causing unrest.

    An ideology of hate drives these anti-Israeli activists. A failure of both the college and elected officials to condemn these activities makes them complicit. I support the freedom to speak and assemble peacefully as stated under the U.S. Constitution, but I condemn using this right as a shield for committing violence and unruly behavior.

    The Yale police intervened and were able to restore order. They must follow up with consequences and punishment to the fullest extent of the schools bylaws and the law, such as expulsion and/or criminal charges for those who committed criminal activity and/or committed unruly acts.

    We have brought up a generation that does not value human life or law and order. Nor does it seek to accommodate those with differing views, but rather sees them as targets of hatred and violence. We must be committed to enforcing the law to show these students that they cannot commit such actions against any fellow human being no matter race, sex, religion, or politics.

    In the past, America has successfully overcome the divisions and discriminations that have on occasion stained her name. It is time for us to come together again as a nation to continue to move forward for peace and prosperity for all, Jew, and Gentile alike.

    America’s Judeo-Christian values significant in her founding made our culture unique and great. What is even more amazing is that one does not have to follow a Christian religion to benefit from these values. We must speak out against these evils plaguing our universities, our children, our young adults, our future.

    “For truth is fallen in the street, And equity cannot enter.” Isaiah 59:14 .

    The Hebrew word for equity used here has a legal or judicial sense. It means “justice, righteousness, truth. Amos, the Jewish prophet of social justice lashes out at the unethical practices of his day by saying, “they do not know how to do right” (3:10).

    Because our educational system has trained our young people to think that the very idea of truth is subject to every individual's interpretation, truth has indeed tottered and fallen in the broad ways of our public discourse, and what is just and right cannot enter our society to the benefit of us all.

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