• UConn Launches Gaza Solidarity Encampment "UCommune" In Solidarity With Comrades At Other Universities

    "UCommune" is even offering advice on how to get "de-arrested' should any protestors find themselves on the wrong side of the law!

    Screenshot, Instagram.

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    As many as 300 students at UConn have set up a Gaza Solidarity Encampment to be in solidarity with their comrades at universities across the country who are calling for "divestment".

    Screenshot, Instagram.

    UConnDivest and CTForPalestine issued a statement, saying, "long-time war partners of UConn, Raytheon TX, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics have long-lasting relationships with the occupation and are heavily invested in the genocide. These companies and this University should not take any part in genocide."

    The group's demands that UConn immediately "stop arming the occupation and genocide perpetrated by the settler-colonial state" and issued the following four demands:

    • Disclose endowment. Divest from the occupation
    • Sever ties to the war and weapons contracting industry
    • Sever ties to the settler-colonial, Zionist entity in all its forms
    • End repression of Palestinian and Pro-Palestinian activists.

    Police already arrested one protestor for allegedly pushing an officer.

    Screenshot, Telegram

    Meanwhile, protest organizers have set up volunteer forms to organize students and activists, and are coordinating with other university protestors nationwide through Telegram.

    The UConn Telegram group, known as "UCommune" is additionally offering "de-arrest" advice to protestors and shared a "jail support number" should any protestors find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

    The "de-arrest" primer literally details how protestors can free someone from the grips of police officers in the midst of an arrest by hugging them, for instance, or by pulling or pushing an officer to break their grip on an arrestee or even by preventing the doors on a police vehicle from being able to close so that the arrestee can make a quick escape.

    UConn additionally operates a chapter of the radical, Soros-funded Students for Justice In Palestine (SJP). SJP received significant support from the radical Palestinian organization American Muslims for Palestine which was co-founded by Hatem Al Bazian, who previously was a fundraiser for a pro-Palestinian organization called KindHearts.

    The federal government alleged that KindHearts provided “support for terrorism behind the façade of charitable giving” and allegedly provided aid to the terrorist organization Hamas.

    Meanwhile, the protestors at "UCommune" are actively warning about "cops rolling up" on Day 2 of their solidarity protest.

    Screenshot, UConn
    Screenshot, Telegram.

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