• Updated VAERS Data Reveals Over 29k Deaths From Covid Vaccines

    July 17, 2022

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    The CDC’s Vaccine Advent Reporting System, VAERS, has been updated through July 1st.

    The number of injuries is really staggering — at least 1,328,982 reports of adverse events, including 29,273 deaths and 32,598 life-threatening injuries in the US so far, along with 54,692 people who have been permanently disabled as a result of covid shots. Additionally, there are 49,929 people who developed myocarditis, 43,859 with severe allergic reactions, 15,668 who had heart attacks, 15,544 cases of Bell’s palsy and so much more.  

    Over 17% of all injuries include a headache and/or migraine, 15% include pain, and 11% include nausea and/or vomiting.

    The State of Connecticut accounts for nearly 1% of all vaccine injuries reported in the US, with a total of 10,609 injuries reported so far.  

    At least 67 people have died as a result of covid vaccination in CT, though we noticed that two reports were missing from this list (VAERS ID 2147323 and 2147324), which brings the total to 69 deaths.  

    Age RangeDeathsLife- ThreateningPermanment DisabledHospitalizedMyocarditisAnaphylaxisMiscarriageTotal Reports
    6 months - 5000000016
    5 - 11010200089
    12 - 18054311600466
    19 - 30220175727781,231
    31 - 4913248902812102,967
    50 - 6410376397141502,788
    65 - 8018364711713501,841
    81 +2682053400416

    Many of the most recent reports of death in CT included cardiac eventsmyocardial infarction, and cardiac arrest shortly after vaccination.  Nearly 66% of the deaths occurred in people aged 70 or over.

    Time to tell your parents and grandparents to stop the shots before it’s too late!

    P.S.  Please note that OpenVEARS updated its website, but unfortunately in doing so, changed the page naming convention.  So that means most of the links in our previous newsletters will be broken. However, the VAERS IDs are still the same, so you can pull the ID out of the broken link, and look up that case on the updated site.

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    Thank you Connecticutcentinal.com for your efforts to make Americans aware of the truth. May the veil of naiveness be lifted !

    Ronald Harms

    Safe and effective my ass!


    More than half of the 29k deaths appear to be foreign reports.
    Looking at global results, these figures would represent a 0.000237% mortality rate - roughly 1 in 43,000.

    Remember, VAERS registers a case whether the vaccine is the cause of ill effects or not: presence in that database only means that adverse effects occurred shortly after vaccine administering.

    The system does not screen out people who actually had covid, and many of the adverse effects, including those leading to death, overlap with effects caused by covid infection itself: a significant factor in these times. Also, we are looking at increased mortality the older the subject is. Considering that a full 71.4% of deaths where age was known, were over 66 years of age, you have to take into account the background noise of expected death rates at that age and above.

    I think people have been well aware of the small risks the vaccine poses. Deaths after vaccine administration were widely publicised. The consensus remains that the benefits have far outweighed the risks.


    Research out of Harvard has informed us that only about 1% of vaccine injury events are reported to VAERS... so do the math.

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