• Upheaval In American Jewry

    Is the lost tribe of American secular Jews returning from the Marxist wilderness?

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    Pro-Israeli independent journalist Amir Tsarfati, who has a large social media presence, posted the following, on the current upheaval in American Jewry over the Biden administration’s support for hate groups against The Jewish State.

    Not only for the Israelis the voices emanating from the democratic administration are very jarring, but also for the heads of the Jewish community in the USA. This should be known, the mainstream of American Jewry has been the meat of the Democratic Party for decades. These are not only voting rates of approximately 80% of the Jews for this party, but also strong financial support for the party’s candidates and a great deal of involvement in its path and values.

    But this historic alliance has been cracking at an accelerated rate since the war. There were early signs of change in the Democrats’ relationship to the Jews and Israel during the Obama era – but the outburst of hatred for Israel and the Jews in the Democratic camp is fundamentally undermining The attitude of the latter to the party.

    Last Saturday, the reformist Rabbi Ami Hirsch, in an unprecedented warning speech, addressed the Democratic party leaders: “… Do not take the American Jews for granted. I spoke with many American Jews in recent months, who surprised me with their anxiety about the developments in the Democratic Party, and their perception that it is becoming more and more hostile to Israel, and more and more tolerant of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism within its ranks. Be careful! The results of the upcoming elections do not depend only on Michigan.” Hirsch is not the only one to mark a clear line for the democratic leadership.

    The “Conference of Presidents of Jewish Organizations”, which is a non-partisan umbrella organization that is wary of public disputes like fire, decided to take a stand, and not even a restrained one. In response to the call to replace Netanyahu by Senate Chairman Chuck Schumer – a Jew himself, and who can be defined as number three in the Democratic Party – the conference wrote as follows: “This is not the time for public criticisms, which are only intended to strengthen Israel’s detractors and foster greater division, when unity So necessary…

    In fact, what is really needed is the leverage of the US to support the Jewish state in this time of need and to strengthen it.” Prof. Alan Dershowitz also said in an interview with Ofer Hadad on News 12 that for the first time he is debating who to vote for in the presidential elections. Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt, who heads the coalition of Zionist rabbis and who leads the Conservative synagogue “Bnei Tzedek” in Potomac, Maryland, confirms in a conversation with “Israel Hayom” that a dramatic change is taking place. However, Trump is not an exciting alternative for the Jews either. “Since the days of President Roosevelt, in the middle of the last century, American Jewry has felt that the Democratic Party is its natural home. Now something is changing.

    Biden is in danger of losing Jewish support in many places, because of his attitude towards Israel. It is true that his practical policy is to support Israel by transferring Ammunition and so on, but the way he and his people speak is an opening for the Israel haters, they allow people to speak very harshly, and these words have meaning.

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    “Weinblatt, who has been at the heart of the Jewish community’s activities for decades, rightly emphasizes that many in the Democratic Party support Israel. But in his estimation, this is the biggest crisis between the Jewish establishment and the party. “Many, many people are hesitant about who to vote for, and this is the greatest hesitation among the Jews that I ever remember.

    “There is a problem that they are not enthusiastic about voting for Trump, because of his personal background and the fear of how he will behave with Israel in his second term, so many would like a third candidate, if that It was possible. But the needle will move, and in November we will know to what extent.”

    (Ariel Kahana on X)


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