• US Senator Chris Murphy Calls Republicans Who Oppose Racist DEI & CRT Policies "Sad And Weird" Bullies

    Source: Twitter.

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    US Senator Chris Murphy (CT), the guy who wants to set up a government office to combat loneliness, is getting roasted on Twitter for calling Republicans "sad and weird" if they are opposed to telling children they are either oppressed or oppressors, opposed to racist DEI policies, and/or opposed to government funding of drag shows.

    Source: Twitter.

    Speaking of bullies...

    Remember when Senator Chris Murphy bullied Republicans about covid vaccine mandates, and said they were actually just "testing mandates" and not vaccine mandates? And then said that if everyone just got vaccinated then people could take their masks off?

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    Kendall Svengalis

    Murphy is just an ignorant partisan hack. I recall a town hall meeting back in 2010 when he was questioned about the issue of "climate change." He told the crowd, "all you have to know about climate change is 400," meaning 400 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. Never mind that climate is driven by over 200 factors interacting in complex ways. No, he was pushing the Democrats' unscientific fixation on CO2 because it can be used to control us. I knew then he was not a serious thinker.

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