• US Senator Chris Murphy Says The People He Cares Most About Are Illegal Migrants

    February 8, 2024

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    Connecticut's Senator Chris Murphy (D) is saying the quiet part out loud—that Democrats care more about illegal migrants than they do about real American citizens.

    Furthermore, he thinks the Republican Party "is spiraling out of control" after rejecting the so-called "bipartisan" border deal, and "bowing to increasing pressure from Trump."

    In fact, Murphy has alleged that Trump wants to "keep the border chaotic because it would help him politically."

    While he laments that Trump already has control over House Republicans, Murphy is now freaking out that every single Senate Republican has listened to Trump on the "bipartisan" deal.

    "I’d explain how Trump doesn’t control the Senate Republican Caucus like he controls the House. I don’t think that’s true any longer," Murphy told MSNBC. He further explained how he thinks Republicans are just a "subsidiary of the Trump campaign".

    Maybe Republicans were just upset that the "bipartisan" border deal gave $60 billion to support Ukraine in its war with Russia, that's three times as much money as was allocated for US border security, as well as billions to Israel.

    Or perhaps it was the guarantee that "up to 1.8 million illegal aliens" would still be allowed to enter the US before it would be considered an emergency?

    “I mean, the whole thing is still shocking to me. I am still shaking, having watched the most bizarre, maddening phenomenon I’ve ever been a part of in politics,” Murphy told The Washington Post's "The Early 202 Newsletter" about the failure of the "bipartisan" border deal.

    “My hope is that this election is a final judgment on Trump as a figure in American politics,” Murphy said. “Maybe I’m naive, but if Trump loses again, I don’t think he’s going to have sway on the Republican Party in the way that he does today. If he wins, our long national nightmare is just beginning again.”

    Someone ought to remind Murphy that a considerable portion of Republicans do not think Trump lost in 2020, and are still working to expose election fraud from 2020.

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    Paul A

    Murphy is a complete idiot. He comes from the commie school of Blumenthal U.

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