• US Senator Dick Blumenthal Calls Race-Based Admissions Ruling "Major Blow To Equality & Racial Justice"

    US Senator Richard Blumenthal, Public Domain.

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    US Senator from Connecticut, Dick Blumenthal, called the Supreme Court decision to end the practice of race-based admissions "misguided" and "a major blow to the fight for equality & racial justice".

    Source: Twitter

    Blumenthal alleged the decision was a "massive step backwards" and that it would "harm students of color, exacerbate racial disparities, & sideline the perspectives & lived experiences of millions of Americans" without providing any evidence to back up these assertions.

    He further claimed that the "misguided ruling" was simply the "latest example of the activist conservative Justices’ willingness to overturn settled precedents & discount democratic values in pursuit of their ideological policy agenda."

    The ruling was praised by Yiatin Chu, NYC public school parent and President and Cofounder of Asian Wave Alliance, who felt "a great sense of hope and vindication in the fight for equal rights" after today's ruling.  "Students should be evaluated on their talents, accomplishments and potential, not penalized for a checkbox on race in their college applications," said Chu.

    Donghui Zang, President of New York City Residents Alliance, also celebrated the decision since going forward, American children will be judged on their "diligence, intelligence, and capabilities rather than their skin color".

    Twitter users roasted Blumenthal for his "racist views" against Asians, and even reminded him of that infamous time he didn't go to Vietnam but stole valor anyway.

    Source: Twitter

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