• VIDEO: Westport 'American Conversations' Event Nov 1

    November 5, 2022

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    Public Policy Putting Children at Risk. Live panel discussion moderated by, Christine Dolan, Chief Investigative Correspondent, CDMedia, Senior Editor


    Mary Holland – Chief Counsel, Children’s Health Defense

    Kevin Jenkins – CEO, Urban Global Health Alliance

    Elana Fishbein – Founder, No Left Turn

    Bob Hamer – Retired FBI Agent, Infiltrated NAMBLA

    Dr. Peter McCullough

    Lindy Urso, Attorney

    Recored live, the Westport Library

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    Maria Hughs

    Westport should have held the event at the vfw by peters bridge. Given Westports propensity to go to the dark side, and support the deep state, there can't be more than 4 or 5 conservatives in Westport.

    Jaime Garcia

    Los Pendejos locos communistas liberales en cargo en Westport, necessitan abra las orejas y apprenden lo que dicho en este event. Ademas, no hay mas espacio por mas illegales en Fairfield County!

    Pedro Galvez

    Las palabras del dia de los administradores de Westport son-
    Pisto en mano, culo en cama! Pagame mucho, y tu puedes hacer qualquer queres! Si esto evento occure, es una chistoso.

    Lorraine Shelley

    In this town sadly the majority believe what they're told to believe by CNN etc. And they don't like it one little bit if you challenge the narrative. So much for freedom of speech and their beloved Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Even the library did its utmost to keep the event quiet.

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