• Westport Public School Library Promotes Sexually Explicit Books

    September 30, 2022

    Many parents in Westport, CT are outraged by the way the Staples High School library decided to support a week-long event, organized at the national level, promoting controversial materials under the disguise of opposing book censorship.

    From the 18th to the 24th of September, libraries in Westport, CT, joined the national ‘Banned Books Week’ celebration, organized by the American Library Association (ALA). Both the Westport Public Library and the library at Staples High School created displays to promote the message that book censorship should not be condoned.

    The display at Staples High, however, went too far. Instead of just presenting books wrapped in brown paper, as the Westport Public Library did to enforce the message, this public school library decided to show an actual collection of books which included  the most challenged books of 2021 listed by ALA. They even added a sign that read “Someone does not want you to read these books. Find out why.”

    As a parent, I also need to find out why the public school administrators want our children to read these books. To have an answer of my own, I decided to visit the Westport Public Library and check out the first book in ALA’s list, ‘Gender Queer, A Memoir’ by Maia Kobabe.

    Here are some of the images I found in the book:

    WE HAVE DECIDED NOT TO PUBLISH THE IMAGES AS THEY ARE TOO GRAPHIC - They contain gay pornographic images of oral and anal sex.

    We all agree that there is no place for censorship in a free society. This American belief is so strong in our community that many parents of different backgrounds strongly protested when it was revealed that the book “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing our Daughters’ by Abigail Shrier, had been censored by the Westport Public Library.

    Nevertheless, most parents do believe that the graphic and explicit nature of the images presented in books like ‘Gender Queer’ make them unsuitable to be viewed by minors, and, therefore, should not be available in a public school library.

    Two questions come to mind: Why is ALA strongly deploying now a marketing campaign against banning books, and why is the Westport Public Schools system promoting strong sexually explicit material among our children?

    ALA is an organization that is now highly politicized. ALA’s President, Lessa Kananiʻopua Pelayo-Lozada, believes that the increase in parents’ complaints is the result of “coordinated, national efforts to silence marginalized or historically underrepresented voices…”

    ALA has also realized that parents are not challenging single books, but groups of books that they consider inappropriate for children. In the words of ALA’s President, these “efforts to censor entire categories of books reflecting certain voices and views shows that the moral panic isn’t about kids: it’s about politics.”

    Yes, for ALA it is all about politics! They have created an initiative, Unite Against Book Bans,’ to convince Americans that “the right to read is on ballots across the country this November.” They want us to believe that if we do not vote in the midterm election for their progressive, leftist candidates, we will loose the right to read their pornographic material.

    This would also upset the Superintendent of Westport Public Schools, Thomas Scarice, who continues to support the members of his administration who are trying to sexualize our children at an early age.

    He is the one who should answer the second question!

    The last time I asked him when was he going to stop the ‘child grooming’ of our children, the only answer I got was a threatening letter saying that my opinions as a parent would not be ‘tolerated.’

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    Amy Williams- Berlin, CT

    The efforts of a Communistic takeover of our Republic- as clear as can be!

    Marni Mearsheimer

    You people are fucking nuts. Read a book, get an education, open your tiny little minds.

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