• What Is Going On In Amity Schools? From One Parent's Heart...

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    Reflecting on when I was a young girl in elementary school, I learned about nouns, pronouns, verbs and much more in my English classes.  I can recall almost all my teachers but the ones who stand out in the forefront of my mind, the ones I loved, are the ones who impacted my life for the better.  I know those teachers still exist and I applaud them all.

    Screenshot, Amity High School website

    As I’m sitting at my desk writing this, I’m looking at my son’s Little League Baseball picture.  My heart swells with pride as I look at this adorable seven-year-old boy with a tooth or two missing innocent and pure in heart.  He loved playing sports and being part of a team.  Even at that young age he knew everyone had a part to play both in school and on the field.  He didn’t see color, race or division.  Now, take this same little boy and add seven years to his life.  Is he the same little boy? Physically no, he’s much taller and entering an awkward stage of his life.  He’s figuring out who he is and what matters to him as a person.  He is growing into a young man and entering the most vulnerable and formative years of his life.  In between his adolescent eye rolls, short responses to our questions and sleeping in to 11 am, I still get glimpses of my seven-year-old boy and my heart is once again filled with warmth.  In those cherished moments, I am reminded that those pure characteristics still reside in him.    

    How would you feel if an intruder entered your house when you were not home and taught your child explicit things and interfered with how you are parenting your child?  Would you feel violated?  Would you be angry?  What if there were repeated offenses?  Or worse yet, instances done behind your back without your knowledge?  Would you support such behavior?  Better yet, would you donate your money to encourage the behavior? 

    Unfortunately, we as citizens, taxpayers and parents of Amity now have a school administration and a Board of Education that is determined to proceed with these types of offenses coming between parents and children all in the name of “education”.  What’s worse is that they are receiving funding to do so. 

    Here are a few examples of what I have witnessed thus far in my son’s high school career at Amity High School; A GENDERBREAD person who is portrayed as a gingerbread man to help children discover their gender identity.  Printouts and workshops explaining “white privilege” and how our children are a part of that.  A homework assignment that teaches the Republican party “does not like change”.  A back-to-school questionnaire from the geometry teacher that asked my son to indicate what his preferred pronoun was.   He was required to “mark only one” and had to choose from the following:  he/him, she/her, they/them or other.  It's been a while since I learned about pronouns but I’m certain “they/them and other” do not fall into the category of gender pronouns.  And finally, there are over 70 adult books in the library which contain explicit cartoon pictures of sexual acts of boys with boys, men with boys and more. Further, the librarian encourages children to read these books.  How is this education?  Let me be clear, I am not opposed to my son learning about how the world is changing but I am opposed to a one sided, unbalanced and money driven curriculum being thrust upon him.

    Source: Public domain.

    So many residents of the BOW area have chosen to leave and send their children to private schools.  The drastic decline in enrollment at Amity speaks for itself that change is needed.  But, how does that make sense?  Why should I leave a public school system that I pay a large percentage of my taxes to and opt to pay even more to get an education that my child should be getting at Amity?  It is especially clear over the past four years that education has NOT been the number one priority of the Administration and Board of Education and the test results prove it.  Last month at the Board of Education meeting, Amity shared the shared the Math and English results of the various grades over the past four years.  They were mediocre and middle of the pack within the district.  The education platform “Niche” recently came out with “The Top 25 public High Schools in Connecticut”.  Amity ranked an underwhelming 22nd.  Additionally, I would ask that you please read Jim Leahy’s article (pages 8-9) in the September 30th edition of the Orange Town News to provide insight as to how the Board of Education has handled and misled the community on the issue of the budget surplus. 

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    I really want to be able to trust that our public school system has my son’s best interests at heart.  To me that means they should be teaching him math, science, history, civics and the like and leave the rest to us, his parents.  At the end of the day raising children who accept everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, political affiliation, gender identity begins at home!  I wouldn’t tell a teacher how to teach.  A teacher should neither tell me how to parent nor take it into their own hands to parent my child.  There is a breach, and it needs to stop.  The past two and a half years has impacted the mental health of so many but none more than our children – they have taken the brunt of it.  I encourage everyone, whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or taxpayer to GET INVOLVED.  Our children are the future, and they need YOUR support. 



    Michele Tenney

    Michele Tenney is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & Wellness Coach with over 16 years of experience. She is a member of the Orange Board of Health and is an active member in her community. She is a wife and mother of three spectacular sons and a grandmother of 2 (+ 1 due in September)

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    Amy Williams

    Its not going to stop anytime soon, unfortunately. Even where things have been outlawed (like FL), they still secretly teach the CRT and pornographic Sex Ed. The only way to save your child from the abuse is to remove them from the system. The system must be overhauled/abolished, and it wint happen under Biden. The Feds fund all of these programs-you’ll never beat the $$$.

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