• Where Oh Where Is HB 5431, Now PA 24-131?

    Veto This Governor Lamont - It's On Your Desk!

    Ned Lamont

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    Governor Lamont has said he will veto HB 5431 - An Act Establishing A Connecticut Families and Workers Account, also known as "the striking workers compensation fund" bill, in order to review appropriations from the General Fund.

    “I don’t support it. I’ll tell you why,” Lamont said told a reporter on May 9th. “I just think it was too cute by half. If you want to have public dollars to support striking workers, have a vote, up or down. ‘I want public dollars to go support striking workers.’ That was not the bill that I think came out of there. So let’s just say I’m very skeptical.”

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    The 15-day deadline in order to veto one would think ought to be Thursday, May 23rd.

    Apparently, it's somewhere in a black hole between the Senate vote of May 8th and Governor Lamont's desk? Or maybe it's at the Office of Secretary of the State (SOS)?

    No human answered any of the five SOTS phone lines attempted.

    Not even an answering machine!

    This bill will go through unless vetoed. It will have serious repercussions on our already devastated Connecticut economy.

    Call Governor Lamont right now at 860-566-4840 and tell him to make good on his pledge.

    Can't we do better than 48th place?

    Screenshot, The Rich States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index for CT

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    Anne Manusky

    Anne Manusky, M.Ed., a 23-year Easton resident, wife and mother, is also the President of the CT Republican Assembly Chapter of NFRA and also CT Parents Involved in Education (CTPIE is a chapter of USPIE). She ran in Easton for Board of Education in 2015 and for Selectman in 2018. She has written extensively to advocate for children's issues, especially against the current ideological trends of pressuring academics, sex transition and psychological manipulation of children.

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