• Why Do We Need An Entire Month?

    Transgender Pride Flag flying over Greenwich Town Hall (6/2023)

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    In most jurisdictions across the country, June is Pride Month. It is described as a time to celebrate and honor the LGBTQ+ community, as well as to raise awareness about the struggles and discrimination that they face. It is a time for individuals to come together, show solidarity, and promote acceptance and diversity.

    During Pride Month events such as parades, workshops, flag raisings and panel discussions are held to bring awareness to LGBTQ+ issues and to create a space where members of the community can feel safe and supported.

    Pride Month also involves controversy, referring to the ongoing debate surrounding the celebration of LGBTQ+ rights and visibility during the month of June. While many people view Pride Month as a time for love, acceptance, and unity, others argue that it promotes a harmful and divisive agenda. This controversy is often fueled by deeply held beliefs and values, making it a complex and multifaceted issue.

    One of the main points of contention in the Pride Month controversy is the perception that the LGBTQ+ community is seeking special treatment or privileges. Some critics argue that the focus on LGBTQ+ rights detracts from other important social issues, such as poverty or homelessness. They believe that the celebration of Pride Month can be exclusionary and divisive.

    In the Greenwich Free Press on May, 30, 2024, Allison Hope, in her op-ed said, “Indeed, even in our own town, we’ve been privy to hate and ignorance targeting the LGBTQ community, including people trying to censor free speech and literature in our public libraries and schools,…” We have not seen or heard of any hate crimes or other forms of hate toward the LGBTQ+ community in Greenwich. There was a report of vandalism at the Town Hall garage and two separate reports of etched swastikas. Prior to these incidents, First Selectman Fred Camillo (R) created the Anti-Semitism and Anti-Hate Task Force. To the best of my knowledge, no incidents related to hate have ever been reported prior to the task force creation. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. In fact, I still question the make-up of the task force.

    With regards to censoring free speech, no one in the LGBTQ+ community has been censored. In fact, oftentimes, conservatives are systematically being censored across the country and on many social media platforms. Furthermore, many conservatives do not speak up for fear of reprisals or being publicly called out. This has happened more often than not.

    Perhaps Hope would like to explain to the Greenwich community why school libraries need to shelve inappropriate books and materials targeting elementary children? You can read more of her op-ed Here.

    Screenshots from "I Am Jazz" which was found in multiple Greenwich elementary schools

    Some opponents of Pride Month argue that public displays of LGBTQ+ pride are unnecessary and even offensive. They believe that LGBTQ+ individuals should keep their identities private and not impose their lifestyle on others. Some examples of these are pride flags and symbols in private and public schools, including PTAs that have DEI committees and agenda-driven diversity and equity hiring. Greenwich PTAC has such a committee. Why do elementary school children have to learn and participate in this, and how does this relate to learning core subjects such as math, reading and writing?

    Another contentious issue in the Pride Month controversy is the question of corporate involvement. Some critics argue that corporations use pride month as a marketing ploy, capitalizing on LGBTQ+ identities for profit. They believe that this commercialization of pride undermines the true meaning of the LGBTQ+ rights movement and perpetuates harmful stereotypes.

    It’s become the new norm for politicians and corporate America to hire based solely on the DEI agenda and not for the actual qualifications of the candidate, slangily referred to as, “checking the boxes.” It’s also becoming more common in the upper leadership of our armed forces. Perhaps you have noticed that films, TV programming and TV ads are also continually pushing this on us? Story books based on LGBTQ+ have made their way into school libraries. In addition, the original LGBTQ+ flag has been redesigned several times to include trans individuals, non-binary and other gender fluid identities and counting.

    Many cities and towns across the country literally paint a constant reminder of the LGBTQ+ rights movement by painting intersections, roadways, walls, sidewalks and websites with the Pride flag or symbol. It seems like a constant bombardment. Many people ask why continue to force this movement upon us? In response, there have been reports that citizens have used their vehicles to leave tire marks on roads and intersections that have these symbols, which are usually paid for with taxpayer funds. Law Enforcement in some areas will literally dedicate Officers and lots of manpower to “hunt down” those who damaged these symbols, after which point those responsible will be paraded in the media as a “fascist, “extremist” or other “anti” something derogatory name. In reality, many Americans are just frustrated.

    See: St. Pete pride mural vandalized again after car does donuts in intersection

    On Sunday, June 2, 2024, a proclamation and raising of the LGBTQ+ flag will take place at Greenwich Town Hall.

    Perhaps Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo might take into consideration celebrating other communities for an entire month. To name a few:

    • Veterans
    • The Core Family
    • Public Safety
    • Teachers
    • Town Employees
    • Conservative Values
    • Local Economy
    • Homeless Awareness

    You begin to see what we’re driving at.

    It’s important to bear in mind, that regardless of how one identifies, we are all Americans and Residents first and foremost. We are all one community, not separate special communities that are celebrated more than others.

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