• Why Is The Teachers Union Fighting A Culture War Instead Of Fighting For Stronger Academics?

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    The Greenwich Education Association (GEA) recently retweeted an article from the NEA that recommended LGBTQ+ books for schools, including controversial titles such as "This Book Is Gay".

    "This Book Is Gay" has been frequently challenged over explicit sexual content, since it details instructions for boy-on-boy and girl-on-girl sex, and includes diagrams and tips on how two men can pleasure one another (e.g., oral sex, anal sex) and tips on how two women can pleasure one another (e.g., "fingers", toys, "strap ons"). The book even recommends joining sex apps to find the nearest homosexuals for meet-ups.  (Click here to see images from This Book Is Gay.)

    The NEA also released a summer reading list that includes the book “Gender Queer” which features dildos, sexting and depictions of oral sex; the book “All Boys Aren’t Blue” which features a chapter on incestuous statutory rape; and the book “White Fragility” which insists that White Americans use anger, shame and guilt to avoid taking responsibility for racial inequality as a way for students to learn about Juneteenth.  (You might recall the controversy when Greenwich Superintendent Toni Jones had Greenwich educators read White Fragility in 2020.)

    Why is the union using books with LBGTQ characters, for instance, to promote sexually-explicit content to students under the guise of “inclusivity"?  Why is the union pushing a book on critical race theory when we hear so often that CRT is not being promoted to students? 

    Instead of fighting for stronger academics, the nations largest teachers union has engaged in a culture war, fighting directly against parents and families.  

    In fact, the NEA spends $2 on politics for every $1 it spends on representing its own members!  It has also donated millions to far left groups that have funneled money to democrat candidates and progressive organizations.

    Sadly, the NEA seems less concerned about supporting its own teachers and more concerned about indoctrinating children into a progressive mindset. 

    Why are teachers financially supporting all of this political activism with up to $1,000 in dues every year when most parents want depoliticized schools?  Do teachers realize they can leave the union without losing any pay or benefits?  Are they aware that non-union alternatives can provide greater job protections for a fraction of the cost of union dues?

    Michael Costanza, the teacher who created Constitution State Educators, has taught in Connecticut for 17 years without ever joining the union.  He’s met many teachers who left the union in Connecticut, and not a single one has regretted the decision.

    Please note that there is only one time when teachers can leave the union in Connecticut, and that’s in August. 

    Maybe it’s time for more educators to rethink their commitment to the union?

    P.S.  You can email [email protected] to find out how to leave the union without losing pay or benefits.  

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    Robert Powell

    Little surprised one has to ask the question why a socio-communist entity would act like the communist entity they are: a bit more for our current from 1946 - now: - 1946 - UNESCO Education is instituted. 1946 - 1948: 1948: UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy by Sir Julian Huxley (the first director-general of UNESCO, 1946-1948) is published, in which Huxley declares: "The general philosophy of UNESCO should be a scientific world humanism, global in extent and evolutionary in background...

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