• Why Would Any Sane And Free Person Vote Democrat On November 7, 2023?

    November 5, 2023
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    I truly wonder why anyone would vote Democrat on Election Day, especially in Connecticut?  Sadly, we do see groups who are owned by the Connecticut Democrat Party being forced to vote Democrat.  They include Communist-driven state labor unions, state and local teachers’ unions, businesses that are politically connected to the Democrats, and incoherent and unserious liberal lackeys and sycophants that are entirely ignorant concerning the economic and social wreckage of Connecticut and of our country.  I believe the majority of Connecticut Taxpayers and United States citizens have had enough of the obfuscating lies that the Democrat Party force feed us daily in economic, social and world affairs. President Biden and his incompetent Administration are deliberately trying to destroy our country with their spew of incoherent economic and social gibberish. Even so, I believe that the majority of Connecticut Taxpayers and United States citizens will be voting based on the severe economic nightmare we are living in that has been created by the Democrats.  Voters will state on Election Day that they have had enough of the Democrat Party and its lies.  

    The state run media continually supported by the Democrat Party are doing their best every day to hide crime, murders, theft of vehicles, unchecked illegal immigration, runaway inflation, energy horrors, food left rotting due to its high costs, fake climate change, an illegal drug crisis, a suicide crisis especially among our youth, a public school system only concerned with gender change/political indoctrination, barbaric abortion laws, a war in the Ukraine, a never ending Covid-19 crisis, and for dessert, the weekly fraud by His-Royal Con-Man King Governor Ned Lamont the Unaccountable and his wife Annie propping up family-related investments by using Connecticut taxpayer's dollars. As just one example, the seven count conviction of crypto fraudster Samuel Bankman-Fried this past week and his direct ties to Ned and Ann Lamont, the Digital Currency Group and the should-be-abolished Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development’s secret trashing of taxpayer dollars went entirely unreported in state. But this economic event worthy of National news is not their fault!  The Democrat Party constantly blames any problem somewhere else other than themselves, with most blame thrown especially upon former President Trump.  I believe the majority of Connecticut Taxpayers and United States citizens have tuned this Democrat propaganda machine out and are beyond their breaking point in more ways than the Democrat party and its associated operatives could imagine.   Most Voters see Election Day as a way to dispose of a political party whose hatreds, insecurities, lies, shaming, insults, and malicious and harmful actions have brought Connecticut and a free America on the verge of ruin.  The Democrat Party is incapable of any credible leadership or following the rule of law.  Voters have had enough of this mess, let alone any thinking person with a clear and working brain.

    It is time in 2023 for a change in Connecticut and in America as to our government is managed.  We as the Taxpayers of our country have been forced to accept poorly run, economically incoherent and corrupt local, state, and federal governments and the broadside of taxes that are paid out daily.  Look at Bridgeport.  Look at New Haven.  Look at Hartford. Possibly, a worse example is New London. Why must this economic and social debacle continue?  Why must Connecticut Taxpayers and United States citizens be treated in such a horrific manner?  United States citizens did not vote for a communist / socialist form of government contrary to what the Democrat Party thinks.  We still have a Constitution and Bill of Rights that are legally binding in America in 2023.  Do we not?

    Why would anyone vote Democrat on this Election Day?  Why?  I still believe in the greatness of our country.  I also believe that Voters will reject in full force the lies, deceptions, corruption and evil that the Democrat Party represents in 2023.  We all have had enough of this destruction.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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    One needs to have an IQ of at least twice their shoe size to know how to vote for the right person. That leaves out all DemocRATS and crybaby liberals.


    Only a single-digit IQ lobotomy failure would vote for Pedophile Puddin-head!


    Low IQ and promise of Free sheeeet!

    Mad Celt

    For free stuff, naturally. There's a class in America that cares about nothing but what the government can give them. Not what it takes away. Their ignorance blinds them to everything but themselves.


    No sane person would vote Democrat. Luckily for them, then don't need votes to win an election, anymore.

    Ben Colder

    I have never understood why anyone would vote for the democrats except they believe that the dems are going to give them free stuff but what no one understands is that there is no free stuff some one pays and a lot of these fools can't seem to grasp that or realize that they are the ones that pay in the long run. They teach this rot in the schools these people hear this from the first day they go to the gov schools until the last day they are in school.

    Rick Sleeth

    What's CT voting for on Nov 7 2023?

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