• Wilton Pride's First Ever "Family Friendly" Drag Bingo Brunch To Feature "The Queen With No Pants"

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    Wilton Pride is proud to feature Tiana Maxim at its first-ever drag bingo brunch, an event which is being billed as "family friendly". Tickets go on sale soon, and the event will of course feature drag performances.

    Screenshot, Instagram

    The drag queen headlining this particular event, Tiana Rose Maxim, is more commonly known as “the queen with no pants” because Maxim's performances are known to push the limits with full nudity. 

    “I love my body and I love the illusion that comes with being naked,” said Maxim for an interview with New Haven Arts. “I love making first-timers wonder what the f*ck they just walked in on.”  

    Screenshot, Instagram.

    From the looks of Maxim's social media pages on Instagram and Facebook, which contain essentially nude photos, save for strategically placed glittery sequins, a couple pieces of electrical tape, or some caution tape, Maxim certainly does seem to enjoy being scantily clad.

    Besides appearing in nude photos, Tiana has also been featured stripping down to "barely there" g-strings, while dancing around stripper poles.

    Screenshot, XL Productions Flyer

    Maxim, who is male-to-female transgender and a frequent performer at the Trevi Lounge in Fairfield, regularly posts provocative photos on social media, with even more provocative comments.

    One post, for instance, says "baby you can hit this don’t be scared …" and features a picture of a nearly naked Maxim bent over and looking at the camera in a seductive manner. In another post, Maxim shares words of advice from Cardi B who suggests what a boyfriend's breath should smell like. We won't repeat that here, but you can read it yourself.

    Screenshot, Instagram

    Not all of Maxim's performances involve nudity or "stripper singles" hanging out of her naked bottom, though.

    In a performance for a virtual variety show for Greater Bridgeport Pride 2020, Tiana danced to a song by Destiny's Child while imagery in the background flashed progressive sayings, like "trans rights are human rights" and "black trans lives matter".

    So perhaps that means Maxim can manage to stay clothed for a family friendly event.

    Wilton Pride, which held its first ever pride festival last June in conjunction with the Wilton Library, offers other community events for children in grades 6 through 12, including Pride Gamer Night and a youth workshop on queer representation in the media. However, not all members of the Wilton community are happy about the addition of so many "queer" oriented events that focus on middle school children who might not be mature enough to comprehend what it means to be "queer".

    Additionally, Wilton Pride backs the controversial Human Rights Campaign Foundation's "Welcoming Schools" guidance which calls for schools to "protect" transgender children by keeping secrets about their preferred name and pronouns from parents, allowing them to use the bathroom of their choice, and letting them play in sports with their "chosen" gender identity, for instance.

    The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is the largest LGBT activism organization in the country, and a force to be reckoned with, especially in Democratic political circles.

    Together with its affiliated HRC Political Action Committee PAC, and Human Rights Campaign Equality Votes super PAC, the HRC organizations are nicknamed “Gay, Inc.” for their financial resources, relationships with powerful politicians and corporations, and leading role in Democratic Party politics and left-leaning activism.

    Under the leadership of its former president, Chad Griffin, the HRC Foundation leveraged the HRC’s position as the de-facto “representative” of the LGBT community to pressure major corporations, law firms, hospitals, and local governments into implementing and expanding pro-LGBT policies, financially supporting HRC and withdrawing support from conservative and faith-based organizations through implicit threats of low scores on its Corporate Equality Index, Healthcare Equality Index, and Municipal Equality Index “scorecards.”

    Influence Watch

    And from what we understand, Wilton Pride is also a force to be reckoned with... albeit on a much smaller scale, and more or less focused on the Town of Wilton.

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    insanity !

    Michael Williams

    This has all gone way too far! Parents need to wake up and speak up.

    Robby D

    Disgusting. I grew up in Wilton (WHS 08) and you can expect me out front at this event, documenting these pedophiles. I'll make the front page of the Wilton Bulletin, it will be great!

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