• Woke = Marxism

    June 2, 2023

    Time to call out the real enemy of America and the West

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    Too many Americans today do not know our enemy. Sun Tzu was right then and still is today because our failure to know and understand our enemy will cause us to “succumb in every battle.” The battlefield is waged across everything that is the United States of America, and winning or losing is the difference between liberty and tyranny. Our enemy is Marxism and in America, it is the language of “woke.”

    Many books have already been written about Marxism/Maoism1, some about woke’ism, and maybe there are some out there that have attempted to put the two together and make sense of what is happening around us. My goal is to provide an easy-to-read primer so everybody can see that woke’ism is just Marxism with a Western feel. Some academics and others might choose to debate the many subtleties that come with any discussion of Marxism, woke’ism, and all the other ‘isms and theories around the world. To do so is ineffective to my purpose, and only breeds more noise and confusion when all I am trying to do is show that we have an enemy. Let us name it.

    The first thing to recognize is that this is a spiritual battle. Satan is the father of lies and all that we see going on around us is because he roams the earth purposefully pursuing discord, division, and confusion. It is worth acknowledging that at the pinnacle of all things we see a real evil that cannot be defeated in the physical realm.

    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.Therefore, put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Ephesians 6:12-13 (NIV)

    It is still necessary, though, for us to know how that evil is manifested so we can identify it and do our part to fight back. First through prayer, then through knowledge.

    The online dictionary at dictionary.com defines Marxism as the doctrine saying that the State throughout history has been a device for the exploitation of the masses by a dominant class, that class struggle has been the main agency of historical change, and that the capitalist system, containing from the first the seeds of its own decay, will inevitably, after the period of the dictatorship of the proletariat, be superseded by a socialist order and a classless society.

    During the Russian Revolution, the division was over the haves (bourgeoisie) and the have-nots (proletariat). The wealthy upper class was said to have exploited the labor of the working class to maintain their own positions and wealth. Thus, envy would cause the working class to unite, overthrow their wealthy oppressors, and create a perfect classless (communal/communistic) society.

    Mao Zedong’s cultural revolution took the idea of dividing and conquering to a new level by expanding on the number of “tribes” in society and working them against each other in pursuit of the same communistic ideas. Mao described ten major relationships that are easily understood as China’s “tribes.” By inserting one modern word in the chart below we can see another way of understanding what Mao was doing. “Intersectionality” or the desire to show how these divisions in society all fell under the headship of Mao and thus “Maoism.”

    There was a problem when it came to the Western world, and Marxism as only an economic theory would not work for the simple reason that Marx was wrong about capitalism. Where capitalism and free markets thrived the people also thrived. It became difficult, basically impossible, to divide an entire society along economic lines when the poorest people under capitalism were wealthy by the majority of the world’s standards. Since Marx was a theologian, not an economist, his ideas easily adjusted to capture more than just the economic side. Marxism requires a way to transcend and eliminate private property, so property is also defined now as national culture and an individual person.

    How then could those who seek to divide and dominate a society achieve their goals by dominating culture and people? The solution is to agitate the racial minorities and tell them they are oppressed by the racial majority. If there are not enough racial minorities then expand to include gender. Redefine race and gender to be however people “self-identify,” and there is no limit to how many “tribes” can result. The chart below oversimplifies this but helps capture this idea.

    Those seeking power and division can still use classical economic Marxism in the West, at least to a point. The key to dividing the West, though, is through the minorities, both real and imaginary. The radical LGBTQ+ and Queer theory box above contain multiple genders and other identities. The real purpose for these is to create a swarm of minorities with which people can identify. This is how a white male of European descent can suddenly become a minority in America. They self-identify as whatever they want and become a part of the modern Western world’s proletariat bent on revolution.

    The proletariat needs an enemy, and that enemy is their own bourgeois, known as “whiteness,” or “structural racism.” Western Marxism, aka Cultural Marxism, still seeks an equal playing field for all, or so its proponents would tell you. In Russia and China that is known as a “classless society,” and in the West it is known as “equity.” To create a theoretically equitable playing field for all people in the West, those who think like Marxists took advantage of Critical Theory to attack culture, race, and gender norms to create the necessary division.

    This is why Marxists attack everything as racist, sexist, and misogynistic. Whatever they want to subdue must be “criticized” so they can control it. It does not matter if calling something or someone “racist” makes no sense, it is a control mechanism that is too often successful over time. Look at their success in forcing businesses and government to conform to their desires. Look also to the destruction of true history and its replacement with mass lies like “The 1619 Project.”

    The same is true for every artifact of our culture, they must be destroyed and replaced. Ideas, statues, Bible verses, and quotes from our founders must all go and be replaced with lies or nothing. If economic Marxism is the desire to control the means of production of material goods, then cultural Marxism is the desire to control the narrative of history and the production of culture that follows and replace it with their own artifacts. Those artifacts are pride flags, solidarity fists, hammers, sickles, and pronouns. The real result is destruction, poverty, and slavery.

    It is not just the United States under attack though, it is the Western world and anywhere liberty-minded people gather. Some of the puppet masters are visible and publicly state their goals wrapped in shiny but misleading language. They are the World Economic Forum and the United Nations to name only two. They talk about us as global citizens who bear the responsibility of aligning ourselves with the seventeen sustainable development goals outlined in the picture below. Most are unrealistic even if sounding well-intentioned, like “no poverty.” others are nefarious, like “gender equality,” which sounds good until you go back to the number of genders we are told there are, which seems to change daily.

    The only way to achieve these goals is to control the production of culture, food, clean water, energy, and ideas. To gain that level of control borders must be erased along with national sovereignty, private property, and individual liberty. Orwell’s dystopian reality “1984” plus the globalists’ Agenda 2030 equals slavery and tyranny.

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    What, then, does a person do?

    1. Draw near to God and seek to trust Him even more.

    2. If you do not know God, read HERE, then contact this author.

    3. Keep your families close.

    4. Build a small, self-reliant community able to meet basic needs.

    5. Stand on foundational principles of truth no matter what lies are pushed upon you and do not overreact in response to their provocations, because this is what they want.

    6. Remember HOPE (His Omnipotent Power Endures). Only in Jesus Christ is there true hope and liberty.

    7. Decide for yourself and your family if you are willing to fight for our nation, or if you will only observe.

    We must be willing to name our real enemy while standing firm. When in doubt, no matter the circumstances – Stand.

    1 - I’ll use Marxism and Maoism to mean the same thing for the purpose of this article.


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