• Yale Climate Connections Says Climate Change Causes Mental Health Issues, Receives Funding From Anti-Capitalist Benefactor

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    Yale Climate Connections, a climate change focused news agency tied to Yale University's Center for Environmental Communication, might be trying to corner the market on climate change fear porn.

    Today's propaganda starts off:

    "Farmers who can’t sleep, worrying they’ll lose everything amid increasing drought. Youth struggling with depression over a future that feels hopeless. Indigenous people grief-stricken over devastated ecosystems. For all these people and more, climate change is taking a clear toll on mental health — in every part of the world."

    “With more frequent disasters, people can no longer recover psychologically from one before another occurs,” said Emma Lawrance, who leads the Climate Cares Centre in the U.K.  

    It sounded more like a promise, as "climate experts" went on to assert how, for instance, extreme heat increases self-harm, violence and feelings of "negativity" and "isolation". Or how farmers suffer from "chronic stress, worry, and depression" over "weather, habitat loss, and drought."

    The article goes on to suggest that "for young people, climate change can also evoke a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness." And that "generational inequity" and "moral distress" add to the anxiety for today's youth who are being told that "solving climate change" falls entirely on their shoulders. 

    By the way, Yale Climate Connections is funded by the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, along with some individual donors.

    According to Influence Watch, the Grantham Foundation and people associated with the Grantham network of environmentalist groups have expressed open hostility toward capitalism.

    Jeremy Grantham has personally said, "capitalism, by ignoring the finite nature of resources and by neglecting the long-term well-being of the planet and its potentially crucial biodiversity, threatens our existence".

    He also claimed that, "anyone with a brain knows that climate change needs governmental leadership."

    Grantham, the primary funder of the Grantham Foundation, apparently believes in population control, and once suggested the world population should be limited to 10 billion people.

    That's probably why the Granthams have promised to contribute 98% of their net worth, or about $1 billion, to fight global warming and overpopulation concerns.

    The solution to the climate crisis, it seems, is government control and a dose of communism to reduce the alleged "inequities" in the system... and maybe some big pharma prescriptions to dull one's feelings.

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    David Smith

    Is it the fear porn that is causing the mental health issues or it might be mental health issues causing the fear porn. Either way the bs climate change has nothing to do with the problem.

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