• Yet Another Fight In Greenwich High School - This Time GHS Closed Student Center To Punish All Students, Not Just The Bad Actors

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    On Monday, May 15th, there was a disturbing fight at Greenwich High School in the Student Center.

    The fight took place right at the bottom of a stairwell, when one boy pushed another boy. The video is alarming to say the least.  The boy who appeared to start the physical altercation began pummeling the other boy, repeatedly and violently punching the boy to the ground while hundreds of students watched. Many of the onlookers were blocked and unable to safely leave the area due to the altercation.
    This is hardly the first fight to take place in Greenwich High School this year — fights seem to happen all too often.

    In fact, it’s become such a frequent sight that students no longer seem shocked by the violence.  They have become desensitized, and instead, reactively grab their cell phones and look for a good angle to shoot a video for Tik Tok or SnapChat.  Or they learn to avoid certain areas where fights most frequently take place.

    Monday's fight was broken up by the school’s security officers after a couple of minutes.

    The next day, GHS students and staff (but not parents) received a surprise email from Thomas Pereira.

    The email said, “Due to the unacceptable student behavior that occurred last week and yesterday, the Student Center will be closed during lunch.  The Cardinal Cafe is still serving food access, but students will be directed to eat outside.  We understand that this may inconvenience some, but we take safety and security with the utmost importance."

    Why were all of the students at GHS punished for the terrible choices made by a few bad actors?  How is it considered to be more safe and secure to force everyone outside to eat where students are far more dispersed and less likely to be in view of a teacher or resource officer?  How long will the Student Center be closed, and what happens in the event of rain?

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    Also, why hasn’t the local mainstream media covered the shocking number of fights that have taken place at GHS this year?  Don’t they think that the community deserves to know what is happening inside our schools?  Especially when Greenwich taxpayers are paying more than $26k per student?

    But instead the big issue that local papers covered this week was about the distribution of Greenwich Republicans' political flyers at Central Middle School, and Dr. Jones’ overreaction to them. 


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