• ADL Removes Founder Of Libs Of TikTok From Glossary Of Extremism After Threats Of Legal Action

    October 31, 2023
    Source: Libs of TikTok

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    The ADL finally removed Chaya Raichik, the woman behind Libs of TikTok, from its Glossary of Extremism after "immense pressure and threats of legal action."

    But that doesn't mean the ADL is a fan of Raichik's handiwork on social media.

    The ADL still maintains articles critical of Raichik (here and here), whom it accuses of running an "anti-LGBTQ+ extremist social media account" that relies on "false allegations of grooming, child abuse and indoctrination” to target educators, healthcare professionals and drag performers.

    Libs of TikTok has attracted 2.6 million followers, and also offers a newsletter to highlight woke videos and other woke content posted on social media.

    The latest newsletter features videos of a lecturer at the University of Maryland who was recorded presenting a dildo during a Filipino history class about “Asian American Sexuality", a person who identifies as a dog who tries to convert other people to join his fetish, a homework assignment on intersectionality and white privilege, and a man in Harvard Square who “loves Hamas” and thinks that Jews “should be all exterminated, every single one of them and their kids, their mothers, their children, everybody just like Hitler did.”

    Raichik has previously been accused by the ADL of "anti-trans hate" for her comments against puberty blockers which can result in permanent, irreversible damage to children who use them.

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