• Greenwich OGS Building Committee Chairman Attempts To Intimidate RTC Vice Chair

    October 31, 2023
    James Waters getting a Covid shot, Source: Facebook

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    He's at it again.

    James Waters is posting intimidating comments on social media, something which he seems to have a knack for doing, as the Centinal has previously reported:

    This time his beef is with the Vice-Chair of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee (RTC), Joe Montanaro, who has been a powerful voice for common sense in Greenwich.

    Waters, or someone on his behalf, apparently went through social media to investigate accounts that liked the RTC's posts, and then investigated those accounts to try to find dirt.

    One such account on Facebook was scoured until a picture of Montanaro with his parents and siblings was located. Waters then posted the personal family photo under the following tweet made by the Greenwich RTC.

    Presumably Waters doxxed the owner of the account, which the Centinal has confirmed does not belong to Montanaro, to try to intimidate Montanaro as part of an on-going, often nasty personal battle Waters has waged against town Republicans, especially those who challenge Waters on school building projects.

    This is not the first time that Waters has used his Twitter account to make accusations against people by name.

    Nor is it the first time he's made a false accusation on Twitter. The Centinal heard from another Greenwich resident who said that Waters incorrectly identified a Twitter account as hers, but she has confirmed that she does not maintain any personal social media accounts, nor does she maintain secret accounts as Waters falsely alleged.

    It's also not the first time that Waters has been accused of trying to intimidate people, either. Voters at the polls in his district have complained about how Waters perched himself inside the back of his pick-up truck in the parking lot, right across from the Republican table, and stared at them and at voters as they approached the polling station.

    The Greenwich Republicans accused Waters, who is running for re-election to the town's legislative body, the RTM, of having a "social media obsession" and for repeated attacks on members of the community with whom he disagrees.

    Others familiar with Waters have complained that he's tried to intimidate them at Board of Education meetings, and at RTM meetings. They have asked to remain anonymous due to the threat of retaliation.

    Sources close to First Selectman Fred Camillo have revealed that, in order to secure the appointment as Chair of the Old Greenwich School Building Committee, Waters had agreed to tone down his rhetoric, and stop bullying people online. However, that gentleman's agreement appears to have been thrown out the window for election season.

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