• Another Blumenthal / Murphy Earmark Goes To Organization That Criticized Biden For Use Of "Illegal" To Describe Laken Riley's Killer

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    Connecticut Senators Richard "Danang Dick" Blumenthal and Chris Murphy are at it again!

    This time they want $155,000 for an organization called Make the Road CT (MRCT) which is fully "in the fight for immigrant justice in Connecticut" and has become a powerful voice on things like immigrant rights, healthcare "equity", worker rights, women's rights and educational "equity". The money would go toward funding a community health worker to serve immigrants in communities across Connecticut. 

    MRCT believes housing is a "human right" (same with health care) and also fights for climate justice.

    Barbara Lopez, the Executive Director for MRCT, immediately called out Biden for his use of the term “illegal” during the State of the Union address to describe the brutal murder of Laken Riley by an illegal alien.

    “It's very disappointing to hear a president use that word in a way that stigmatizes the immigrant community,” lamented Lopez who called Biden's remarks "profoundly disheartening" and "divisive".

    She further said, "our immigrant communities are tired of being in constant fear of the threat of deportation" and that we should all "strive to foster a more inclusive environment" for illegal aliens.

    Lopez says MRCT, which was founded in 2015, is building statewide grassroots supports and efforts "that will have an immediate impact on migrant communities in the state." This includes expanding “just cause eviction” protections, expanding the state’s Medicaid and Husky insurance access to illegal aliens (including parents and siblings of illegal alien minors), rallying for racial justice, and more.

    Screenshot, Make the Road CT Facebook Page.

    The group was upset with Lamont when he recently indicated support for sending the National Guard to the southern border and claimed that a "militarized border" wouldn't solve immigration problems. Estimates show that some 120,000 illegal aliens are already present in Connecticut. And of course MCRT is in favor of sanctuary laws that "protect" illegal aliens and advocates through its "Fightback Committee” to stop the deportation of illegals.

    MRCT has called for a ceasefire in Palestine.

    "We also call on state and local elected leaders to use their power and influence to help put a stop to the genocide and depravation we are witnessing in Gaza at the hands of the Israeli government," said MRCT's statement.

    The group has also shown solidarity with their comrades at organizations such as the Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America and the Working Families Party.

    MRCT is a project of Make the Road States which has chapters in other states, including New York, New Jersey and Nevada.

    Funding for the group, which is affiliated with the Center for Popular Democracy, comes from a variety of agencies through grants and also from membership dues.

    According to Influence Watch, MRCT reported receiving more than $7 million in funding in 2020 and had more than $5 million in assets, leading many people to question why the group should get any further taxpayer money at all.

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