• ARVOY: Exclusion Cannot Be Tolerated On Stamford Public School Board

    February 3, 2024
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    By Paul Arvoy

    In light of the recent cultural holidays that were removed from the holiday calendar and the recent disturbing behavior regarding a member of Stamford’s Board of Education, I am dismayed and appalled that this has not been addressed by Stamford Public Schools education leadership.

    As a believer in being inclusive, I demand that the vote to remove Columbus Day and Veterans Day be revoked and the holidays be reinstated. 

    I also expect swift action to be taken by our schools Superintendent, the President and Vice President of the Board of Education as well as subsequent members of the Board of Education to denounce this behavior and attempt at erasing and changing our countries culture and history, and instead injecting ideological beliefs. 

    While one member is getting away with the unthinkable use of freedom of speech, another board member who has the district's success in mind is facing censure for standing up for her constituents with the ability and the right to freedom of expression.

    We are better than this, and this behavior is unacceptable and should not be expected to be tolerated.

    This is America. The most opportunistic country on the face of the earth and I will clearly state this is not how elected officials or any person should be allowed to conduct themselves.

    Our great country has evolved over time and fought bloody battles to achieve diversity for centuries, father against son, and brother against brother. In this country we have freedom of speech without consequences, in desperate times this is taken advantage of and must be addressed and corrected. 

    I will not accept the false narrative being espoused by this Board of Education member who I recommend to be required to take a diversity and inclusion class that is in line regarding these actions. This is blatant exclusion in an obvious form. In lieu of the divisive rhetoric, I demand immediate resignation for this toxic behavior. Decorum and compromise are solutions to these trying times in Stamford. I recommend that we take the steps to be inclusive and civil-minded to bring back working together to get to solutions.

    Thank you.

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    Joad Cress

    Aren't you and your democrat kind trying to push woke policies on us right now?? you want joe biden to control what I teach my kids,stop giding

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