• ARVOY: On The Attempt To Destroy America With Racism

    November 17, 2023
    Public Domain.

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    Since the beginning of time, when the world consisted of rulers, the common intention was to conquer and enslave. This also included race on race and slavery for the weak in their own country. This went on throughout history. This was once upon a time in the world. It’s the way the world was.

    In 1776 America was born. She was not perfect but had a document professing that every man is created equal, under God. America's history also had flaws, but we were the only country to take the crucial steps to end slavery. Although there was a division for quite some time over equal rights for all, equal rights for all exists today because we battled through adversity to make sure that everyone in America, the freest country in the entire world, had the same opportunity if they chose to embark on their free American journey. 

    I, as a Stamford resident who grew up in one of the most diverse times, am insulted being categorized as a racist because of the color of my skin and because I am an American that stands for and believes in Americas values. This is far from the truth and I am truly insulted to be labeled this by small groups of people pushing racism. They are the people who do not believe in America's values. They are the group of people trying set us back. They claim racism so often, the word has no meaning. It’s not racist to disagree. It’s not racist to love America. 

    Enough already. All of you complainers get to complain because you live in the freest country in the world. If you were somewhere else in the world you would have been shut down along time ago. Americas not racist, it’s free. Get on board, we all have the same opportunity. Don’t wait around for someone to give you opportunity. Go and get it. It’s free. There will ways be bias among all humans. Bias is not systemic racism. The rhetoric is what is causing division, not racism. We have evolved into civilized people. Sorry it’s not like that anymore. Not even close. Thanks for listening.

    Paul Arvoy

    Stamford, CT

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    Very well said…concise and to the point. I echo the sentiments in this article. Thank you to the author. Equal rights and opportunity do not always mean equal outcomes. We have “equality” not “equity”. Equity is Socialism in disguise
    Americans value and have Freedom…let’s not lose that to people pushing racism by dividing us against one another.

    🐓Billy Baxster

    🐓I ain't prejudice I hate every thing the same

    ❄VOTE BLUE❄💉
    We do the hating for you

    🐎Buck Stuckster 💉

    🐎💉Well done. To be shared with kids everywhere. Can't we all just get along

    Last edited 6 months ago by 🐎Buck Stuckster 💉
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