• ARVOY: Time To Get Vocal, Denounce The Dismantling Of Education For "Equity", Personal Political Interest

    December 12, 2023

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    I have to call out this new absenteeism policy being implemented in Stamford that our feckless BOE and central office are instituting as a part of our district. This is detrimental and antithetical to education. Our district is being turned into a billion dollar daycare. That’s not what I expect my tax dollars to fund.

    Our great teachers deserve better. What makes you think teachers will just accept this disruption in their classroom. You are stripping every ounce of dignity that a teacher has by forcing them to give passing grades when they are not earned. Even prodigy students who are a huge minority need to show up to school on time to pass.

    The endorsers of this policy should be ashamed of themselves for neglecting the fact that our youth needs to be taught responsibility with the reality that to be successful you need to show up on time. Any job expects this and our district will be failing our youth with this policy. 

    This is an obvious attempt to cover up the failures that our district leaders are unable to overcome due to lack of qualifications to hold their positions. 

    The president of the board is compromised and has led our school district for 14 years while stifling any dissenting voice that relays proper education policy. This board neglected to implement a constructive curriculum for at least a decade and were embarrassed into creating one after an audit denounced their lack of having a curriculum. This tells you how we got to this point. 

    Central office is filled with an over abundance of administrators that are following a narrative in an echo chamber instead of simply putting forth a positive education policy. 

    Our Superintendent is one of the highest paid in the country and this is one of the policies supported by this education leader. All that money to tell students you can show up late and succeed. 

    One of our Republican, minority, Board of education members votes party line with with the democrats to dismantle education as we know it. His political aspirations are obviously more important for his own political future than proper education to propel our youth to success. 

    This is all stemming from the DEI narrative that is removing merit, rigor and responsibility from education. It’s pandering and virtue signaling at its best due to the lack of putting in the hard work that these adults need to engage in for the future of our youth. 

    How will our youth ever get a payday like our superintendent if they feel they can come to work late and respond with “that’s what I learned in school.”

    Maybe we should ask the superintendent if she feels she acquired her position through education and her experience or through equity? 

    Either way, the decisions being made make me question the qualifications of our leaders and what effect equity will have on our youth while they are being indoctrinated to believe you do not have to show up to school on time, you do not have to test to show your progress with the removal of midterms and finals, you do not need to study due to improper equity grading that falsely portrays a passing grade and strips self worth. But you will graduate so the district can tout a high percentage regarding graduation rates, even though with weakened policies these diplomas will not reflect the softened education that adult leaders are supporting for their own self interest and a personal pat on the back. All this while our districts proficiency rates have been below average in math and reading for an extended period of time. There is plenty more to address but this is only an op-ed.

    Does this sound like a district you would send your children to if you had a choice? DEI is the silent education killer. It’s the direction that will create generations of followers not innovators. Our children’s minds are being suppressed for the immediate self interests of adults regardless of the outcome and our children’s future.

    This is a travesty to education and a direction that needs be stopped in its tracks. Politics has taken over education thwarting the individual progress needed for self confidence.  The problem is the adults are the ones neglecting their responsibilities in turn damaging the prospective, positive outcomes for our children’s bright future. Our district leaders need to look deep into their souls for real solutions for our students. It’s time for the adults to put on their thinking caps and get this right.

    Thank you. 

    Submitted by:

    Paul Arvoy
    Stamford, CT

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    Concerned Citizen

    This guy is a loudmouth fool.


    Communists about. . . Maybe if this guy had gone to school, he would have learned a thing of two about how the education system works (instead of expecting the world to wait for him, commie bastard)

    Joad Cressbeckler

    Arvoy,. Paul Arvoy? Resgistered DEMON-CRAT Paul Arvoy?? Dont be fooled comma, folks. This man is a puppet of Brandon.he voted for this. "Yes "president brandon whatever you say president brandon". SAD

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