• Chris Murphy Thinks Hunter Has Done Things "Worthy Of Prosecution", But Says Hunter's Not On 2024 Ballot... What About The Big Guy!

    December 11, 2023
    Senator Chris Murphy

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    Senator Chris Murphy told Kristen Welker on Meet the Press this weekend that he felt the prosecution of Hunter Biden was "legally justified."

    Murphy laughed nervously while he said, "I think this is a very troubled individual who has done things that are worthy of prosecution and so I look forward to that case continuing."

    "I think that ultimately people understand that Hunter Biden is not going to be on the ballot next fall, that Joe Biden is going to be on the ballot."

    But what about the Big Guy?

    Does Murphy really think Americans believe that Hunter's corruption doesn't extend to Joe?

    When asked about trading off the Biden family name, Murphy immediately pivoted the conversation to the Trump family instead.

    Welker pressed the issue, and asked Murphy to address Hunter cashing in off the Biden name. All Murphy could do was say that he thought Hunter would be held accountable in court for his alleged violations of the law.

    But what Murphy was "absolutely certain of" is that Americans would see a distinct difference between Joe Biden and Trump in 2024.

    Yes, they certainly will see a difference, but not likely the example offered by Murphy.

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