• Aundre' Bumgardner - A Connecticut Chameleon In King Arthur's Court

    October 22, 2022
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    Aundre Baumgarner was a Republican State Representative who lost his race against Joe de la Cruz in the 41st district (Groton) in 2016. Shortly thereafter, Aundre had an epiphany that made him renounce the Republicans as a party of racists to become a Democrat. He discovered his true self as a person who believes all women, spits on the floor when Trump’s name is mentioned and issued a defund the police battle cry. But that’s not all there is to young Aundre. He is also a chameleon that has a tough time living up to his own stated principles. 

    In 2018 Aundre ran and won a race for the Groton Town Council as a Democrat and was reelected in 2019 and again 2021. His tenure has painted a picture of a disruptive and unprofessional figure. So much so that the Groton Town Council considered hiring a moderator for $475 and hour just to manage young Aundre, who had trouble getting along with his own fellow elected Democrats. Community outcry over the cost of a Democrat-caucus moderator ultimately put the kibosh on plans to get young Aundre an adult to help him play well with others. 

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    At a March 1st Town Council meeting over discussion about controversial data centers seeking to build in Groton, Democrat Councilor Rachel Franco raised a point of order that upset Counselor Bumgardner. The innocuous procedural question set off a chain of events that led to Counselor Franco filing a police report the next day.

    According to the police report, the issue began when Counselor Franco raised a point of order for clarification as to whether Counselor Bumgardner had violated the Freedom of Information Act during the meeting. The Mayor then recessed the meeting at which time Counselor Franco approached the Town Clerk to discuss the matter when Counselor Bumgardner began yelling at her about her point-of-order request. Becoming uncomfortable, Counselor Franco attempted to walk away but Counselor Bumgardner followed, still yelling at her. Counselor Franco urged Counselor Bumgardner to lower his voice, then saying that she did not want to talk to him, and to get out of her face. Counselor Bumgardner declined and told her that he would not stop and that he did not care about violating the Freedom of Information Act. He followed her back to her seat, got in front of her, blocking her path and in a lower tone of voice, he repeated that she needed to stop making points of orders against him. This continued until she grabbed her purse to go outside to get away from him. When she returned, there were no more incidents, but the Counselor Franco was sufficiently intimidated and disturbed by the behavior that she filed a police report. 

    Mind you, all of this occurred in a full room. Aundre seems to be falling short of his own stated platform in which he asserts that “[o]ur elected leaders should hold themselves to a higher standard.” What kind of standard is that exactly? The voters in Groton’s 41st District get to decide that question on November 8th

    The police report is below (first page image and PDF available for download):


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