• Back-To-School Book Spectacular Highlights 63 Potentially Controversial Books From Greenwich Libraries

    September 1, 2023
    Examples of books featured in the Book Spectacular

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    In honor of the first full day back to school for all Greenwich Public School students, we are pleased to release the GPS Back-To-School Book Spectacular!

    The Book Spectacular includes detailed instructions on how to access the Follet Destiny online card catalog so you can learn more about books that students can access in the library. It also includes screenshots of 63 books found in GPS libraries, including pictures and/or excerpts from each book, along with a link to a detailed review so parents can become better acquainted with the library collection.

    Just because a book is included in the guide does not mean that it is and/or should be challenged. 

    This guide is intended for informational purposes only so parents can gain better insight into the books found in their school library.

    Once you take an opportunity to look through the examples provided, you will quickly understand why there is so much controversy. 

    If you think any of the books featured in this guide are inappropriate, then know that Democrats will call you a book banner.  They are actively fighting to ensure that no books are removed from libraries, even if the books are age-inappropriate.  Think about that as you review the examples, and consider the ages of students who have access to certain titles.    

    Read the GPS Back-To-School Book Spectacular Here!

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    not from Greenwich

    The article was good until you decided to start a partisan attack. How about letting parents decide for themselves what they allow their children to read? If you don't have a good enough relationship with your child that you know what books they are reading, especially in the lower grades, then you should probably work on that and not spend your time policing books for other peoples' kids. Meanwhile other CT schools are worried about removing mold from their buildings, not books.

    CT Librarian

    well that was just trashy. How about you start by visiting a library and enjoy the serendipity of discovery. you may actually open a mind. Challenge yourselves to read about another's experience before you challenge a book

    CT Mother

    It’s not banning books it’s keeping instructions and GRAPHiC sexually explicit readings out of children’s reading lists!! Are you serious - stop looking at it from ONLY YOUR PERSPECTIVE AS AN ADULT - being a proponent to keep this types of books on the shelves where young kids can read them is offensive and traumatic!!!!

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