• It’s A Trillion Dollar Rush—Like A Slot Machine Stuck On Jackpot!

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    Carbon is life, from the air we breathe, to the cars we drive. With each breath we take we release carbon. The trees, plants, and animals we eat grow on carbon. Too much carbon? Who decides that? How is it measured? The climate is always changing, and weather, just like a virus, makes for a good boogieman. Nothing sells more than fear. In the year 2023 governments around the world are doing everything in their power to suppress carbon. There are now machines that can capture carbon. Its a manmade energy sucking contraption that could kill thousands if a pipe leaks or explodes. How much fossil fuel does it take to suck carbon out of the air?

    They call it Net Zero, that means zero carbon emissions. Irish farmers are being forced to cull their herds to meet climate change net zero emissions. Farmers in the Netherlands are being forced to sell their land to meet climate change net zero emissions. American farmers are being threatened with the same. In the place of farmers, there will be lab grown meat, fruits and vegetables. General Atlantic is a venture capital firm with billions of dollars in investments in biotechnology, vaccines, DNA testing, and pharmaceuticals. Ginkgo Biologics specializes in bioengineering cells. Take a gander at their website and you will find lab grown meat, DNA testing, and experiments fusing technology with cellular biology. They have weird fermented foods too. Fermented in a lab and grown in a cell dish. That should save the earth from Co2! I wonder how many fossil fuels are used to ferment and grow meat in a lab?

    I don’t want to take you too deep into the bioengineered food industry at this time. We’ll save that for another day. Back to General Atlantic, who calls Connecticut its home, and employs Tracy Duff, Senior Vice President and Global Controller of the General Partner Funds and part of the firm's Finance and Accounting Team. Tracy Duff is also the wife of Senate Majority Leader, Bob Duff. Venture capital firms like General Atlantic enjoy tax free investments in biotechnology thanks to lobbyists, and very friendly legislators like Bob Duff.

    “Pescatello serves as president and CEO of the New England Biotech Association, a mutually beneficial arrangement for all involved. “I think just being linked in to all that is going on in New England certainly helps Connecticut a lot,” he said. “It’s quite an ecosystem, which is very valuable to our Connecticut companies.”

    Asked about the achievements he’s happiest about over the past year, he pointed to legislation that exempts venture capital income from state income tax, calling it “a huge competitive advantage over what other states are doing.”

    What came first? The politician or the venture capital? Bob Duff began his political career in the mid 90s working on John Larsen’s campaign for governor. In 2001, Duff became a State Representative. As a freshman legislator, Duff was the House vice-chair of the Energy & Technology Committee, a member of the Banks, Higher Education & Advancement Committee and the Select Committee on Housing. In 2004 Bob Duff was elected senator, and became Majority Leader in 2015, where he has been ever since. Tracy Duff took a position at General Atlantic in 2000. She was recently promoted in 2022. Also in 2022, General Atlantic raised 3.5 billion dollars to invest in the climate change flight. The State of Connecticut is poised to enact a sweeping green mandate on citizens that will cost billions in infrastructure and technology. This along side green legislation that makes energy prices that are already grossly high, even higher.

    Net Zero is a global phenomenon that took shape in a boardroom at the United Nations under the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that member countries of the UN agreed to as part of Agenda 2030 in year 2015. Who wrote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals aka SDGs? Unelected leaders of sovereign nations via the quasi government agencies known as public, private, partnerships, that’s who. The World Economic Forum is a collection of business partnerships in governments who are ushering in the green revolution globally to save the climate! You will own nothing, have no privacy, and be happy. Yes, The World Economic Forum said this! I have taken you just a few steps into the money hole of climate change, and Net Zero in order to paint a full picture of what our governor in the State of Connecticut just did. This is just the tip of a gigantic iceberg that I spend many hours writing about and investigating. See Governor Lamont and The Lost Constitution State.

    Lamont via executive order mandated the end of gas powered car, trucks, and vans. In it of itself this is bad. We do not have the infrastructure to meet the need to power EV cars. Especially if citizens are mandated into it. Can people afford it? What will this do to our power grid? If Lamont can mandate the end of gas powered cars in Connecticut, what’s to stop him from mandating the end of your gas powered stove, your gas grill, your gas heating? If we accept mandates as laws, we are no longer free citizens, but subjects of a king. This is an illegal mandate and we should treat it as such.

    Either our governor is stupid, crazy, or has a massive pay off at the end of this venture dream. The race to green technology and energy is not driven by a desire to save the planet. Nope, not even close! If that were the case the United States would stop importing cheap Chinese drugs, house hold items, and food. Why don’t we make our own stuff? Wouldn’t that actually benefit the environment and stimulate a thriving local economy? Yes it would, but there’s no money for private equity investors in that! It’s a trillion dollar rush. Like a slot machine stuck on the jackpot! Why would quasi government give that up? Please see my friend Tony’s work on this subject. He does a fabulous job of following the money in Connecticut! Thirty With Tony

    Think about it? Governor Lamont wins big time with Annie Lamont’s Oak HC/FT, CHA CHING! As governor, Lamont has made 7 times his normal income. Lamont enjoys the coverage of the Cayman Islands to hide the total cash cow. Lamont also enjoys tax freedom by having his company registered in Delaware. So does General Atlantic, it’s all a game! What does Senator Duff get for helping his wife’s boss get tax breaks and favorable laws passed that benefit venture investments and the technologies it produces? The state sponsored media pats Lamont and Duff on the back and says, GOOD JOB! Identity politics, and the weaponization of “kindness”, has turned mainstream journalists into docile plebs who do not ask hard questions. It’s a clown show. Like frogs, the public is left in a pot of water the state is boiling in propaganda. Wait till the reality sets in and they cannot afford their energy and gas bills!

    I leave you with a video I cut from the Administrative Procedural Hearing where citizens were able to voice their comments on Ned Lamont’s EV mandate in late August of 2023. The clip is of an Eversource executive saying it will cost billions of dollars just to do the ground work for the electricity needed to enforce the EV mandate. Oh how kind of the King to let the public speak at his mock hearing! Remember friends, the carbon they want to reduce is going to come with a huge economic impact that will not save the earth, and could drive you out of your home into a 15 minute city where you’ll have no privacy, own nothing, and be a happy pleb in a digital cave! Think of the carbon you’ll save the planet!

    Video at end of Substack article here.

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    Digaunto Chatterjee is Vice President, System Planning at Eversource, responsible for Transmission and Distribution Reliability and Resiliency Planning.

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    Jennifer Sparks aka J.Cherry

    Jennifer Sparks aka J.Cherry is an independent journalist, radio host, and producer. On the airways she was known as J.Cherry where she produced a popular local radio show, VOICE of the CITY, airing on WESU 88.1FM. There she conducted in depth and candid interviews with artists, politicians, authors, activists, scientists, and community leaders. In 2020 Jennifer left WESU to pursue an independent podcast where she could freely talk about controversial subjects. A mother and wife before being a journalist, she felt compelled to break free and dig into medical freedom, government policy, parental rights, public health, corruption, and big pharma. Over the years Jennifer has been published in local newspapers as a freelance writer. Frustrated with being censored and not being able to publish the stories she felt were important and under reported, she began her own blog. Her work can be found at jcherrrypresents.com and on Substack https://jcherry152.substack.com/.

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