• Back To School Shouldn’t Mean Back To Hell

    September 8, 2022

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    Parents talk. Right now, Manhattan parents are lighting up the phones talking about Trinity.

    I watched James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas’ video exposing New York City private school, Trinity (available for viewing on Telegram). Listening to Trinity Progressive teacher Jennifer Norris, who said she feels like a “double agent” was mind blowing. She gives parents the false impression of educating while in reality, moonlights as a hate filled groomer targeting “white boys” she refers to, while smiling, as “Dexter.” Dexter was a TV show about a serial killer.

    The other main takeaway from Norris is she “fits in” at Trinity, “We don’t have to hide our activism. It’s definitely a school where conservatives won’t feel comfortable”, and she’s “really good friends with the associate head of the school.” Norris’ nose ring, talking style, and apparent confusion as to what an educator is supposed to do makes it unbelievable an esteemed institution like Trinity would find her remotely hirable. Educators have become increasingly less professional looking and perhaps it’s getting to their heads. Multi-color hair, visible tattoos, piercings in abnormal places, and the look of a slob is a psychological attempt to seem cool, relatable, and modern to impressionable minds which makes indoctrination easier. As per Business Insider, “a study completed at Yale…used 128 men between the ages of 18 and 32, researchers had participants partake in mock negotiations of buying and selling. Those dressed poorly (in sweatpants and plastic sandals) averaged a theoretical profit of $680,000, while the group dressed in suits amassed an average profit of $2.1 million. The group dressed neutrally averaged a $1.58 million profit.” Schools, especially private schools should cut the nonsense out and stop hiring teachers resembling unmade beds - it’s a bad look.

    Based on Norris’ own words, the only conclusion is, Trinity administrators, staff, and potentially parent body feel similarly; extreme bias and vitriol towards white boys.

    Norris is now on paid leave. Not. Nearly. Good. Enough.

    What we need to know is whether white boys have been affected by Norris and potentially other Trinity staff and prevailing Trinity beliefs. Some questions for Trinity: how many white boys have been under Norris’ rule as well as the associate head of the school who used to teach English? Have their grades been diminished due to racism and boy hatred? Will a forensic report be conducted by independent and non racist boy haters to determine if classwork and homework graded demonstrates bias? Has Trinity denied admittance to white boys with similar test scores to girls and the school’s definition of “people of color”? Have exmissions for white boys’ to higher education suffered on account of Trinity potentially working against its students? Now that the Project Veritas‘ video is out, what emotional damage will the white boys at this elite and expensive school experience knowing Norris likens them to serial killers and “awful” human beings? Are these white boys and their parents eligible for financial compensation? They’ve paid $61, 070 annually for what can only be viewed as a poisonous experience.

    The exposé on Trinity has shaken Manhattan parents deeply concerned and revolted by a general toxicity at both public and private schools on account of CRT (critical race theory). Racism towards whites is rampant. Racism towards Asians is worse - they are considered “white adjacent” and stripped of “people of color” status as well as punished for their academic success. Truth be told, racism towards blacks is also ratcheted up as they’re painted as losers in need of special treatment. Thanks to race hustlers needing no specific degree infesting academia with CRT, we now concretely know, no child is safe.

    How is this scholastic landscape remotely sustainable? It isn’t. There are only three possible outcomes; the current nonworking institutions, segregated schools, or new houses of academia focused only on merit and standards, banning CRT, and hiring educators that haven’t passed through the teachers college.

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    But there is hope!

    Thanks to Project Veritas, brave whistleblowers, and parents speaking out, schools are responding - finally! They ignored parents for over two years at public and amazingly, even more resolutely at private. Few understand, even though parents pay a fortune to send kids to private schools (upwards of $50,000 annually per child), private schools in liberal hellholes have leverage. They know public schools are no-go-zones, plagued with violence, below grade level proficiency, and racism. Private schools’ boards and higher ups understand the other options are relocation and homeschooling; two life changing experiences. Finally, for two years, “trusted” media personalities on news shows like Joy Ann Reid yelled CRT didn’t exist. She is a liar who elites use for cover to push a Marxist agenda. For this reason, from BLM’s forcing in of CRT in June 2020, private schools in many ways foster even more radical notions than public schools. Now, the jig is up. CRT is at nearly every school in New York City. This is despite “trusted” media personalities and educators denying its existence which is counter intuitive; if they’re so proud, why are they lying? Too many parents have caught wind and are fighting back. Private schools are scrambling, firing token Norrises thinking it’s sufficient to quell mass outrage - it isn’t. We want CRT rooted out permanently. Unlike public school, private school is a free market.

    Jacqueline Toboroff, Editor-in-chief of The Manhattan

    A weekly Human Events contributor, 1st book hitting the shelves in March 2023, Mrs Toboroff is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void.


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