• CT Teacher's Union CRT-Inspired Professional Development

    September 6, 2022

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    Did you know that the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) teacher’s union offers professional development through the CEA Professional Learning Academy as well as through a series of book talks?

    Did you know that a number of these discussions feature the tenets of critical race theory (CRT)?

    Critical race theory (CRT) says that our entire society is systemically racist and that this racism animates our society.  Implicit bias is central to CRT because it allows critical race theorists to find racism in every person, regardless of their actual behavior. 

    Here’s a list of some of the CEA offerings:

    Implicit Bias 101: Its Powerful Effect on Instruction and Learning:  This workshop will raise participants’ awareness of unconscious bias and its powerful effect on student learning and teacher/educator performance while explaining how unintended thoughts can contradict our beliefs and how acting according to our values can require more than good intentions.

    Implicit Bias – Beyond the Privilege Walk:  Designed to accommodate 5–20 people, this participant-driven session is thought-provoking and will generate conversation on privilege, implicit and institutional biases, stereotypes, and microaggressions, with an eye toward ensuring that schools are welcoming places for children of color to learn, and teachers of color to work.

    Implicit Bias – Whole-Day Workshop: This is a full-day, in-depth exploration of implicit bias that incorporates the same information as the 4-hour session but with time built in for additional activities, deeper discussion, and thought-provoking videos. This session examines school practices, policies, and curricula through the lens of cultural responsiveness, racial equity, and social justice and challenges participants to effect changes in their classrooms and districts with the goal of ultimately impacting larger cultural and societal institutions.

    Implicit Bias – World Café:  Participants will begin by reading two articles on bias and stereotypes and then answer thought-provoking questions in small groups based on those articles, with time left after each question for whole-group discussion and debriefing.

    White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism, Robin DiAngelo:  This powerful and often provocative book invites readers to explore white cultural dominance and what that means not only for white people in America, but all races. The author encourages her readers to ask tough questions of themselves and society around us, and use the answers to help deconstruct systems and affect positive change, but in a way that most readers will find engaging and straightforward.

    So You Want to Talk About Race, Ijeoma Oluo:  This book takes readers through subjects pertaining to race, and the systemic racism that has been embedded in America society since its founding. The book explains terms like intersectionality and affirmative action, and discusses myths such as the “model minority” in an attempt to spark and promote honest conversations, understanding, and awareness about bias and racism that afflicts our country.

    How many teachers in Greenwich have taken these courses?  

    Is this how teachers learn to become "more savvy about delivering a Democratic message”?  

    Is this why 

    Greenwich Superintendent Toni Jones and Deputy Superintendent Ann Carabillo required administrators to read White Fragility in 2020?  Not just read it, but they hired an outside consultant to lead the administrators in discussions about the book and how the learnings could be implemented.  Hmm...

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    If you think that YOUR school doesn't teach CRT (under one or the other of its aliases) then you're simply being lied to and being gullible. They either teach it officially or they handle it through individual teachers who include it secretly, on their own accord. Just get your kids out.

    Jan Greenhawk

    The agenda provided by the Teachers Union is the most blatant form of racism and totalitarianism there is. There is no allowance for differences in ideas or opinions. As a former teacher and administrator I have experienced it first hand.


    Nice to see a couple of people that see what they are forcing on our children and are calling it out for what it is.
    I pray more Connecticut residents start standing up to the corruption and communism that have stained our beautiful state for far too long.

    Amy Williams- Berlin, CT

    Our children aren’t learning anything of value- they cannot critically think- its abusive- you have to get them out immediately until something better can be constructed.

    Kendall Svengalis

    This is so wrong on many levels.

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