• "Ball Gown" Protest Planned Ahead Of Jason Aldean Concert In Hartford On July 30th

    Jason Aldean, Public Domain.

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    Liberals are still melting down over country singer Jason Aldean's hit song, "Try That In A Small Town." So much so that a tailgate rally with "big city activists" is being organized in front of Aldean's concert on July 30th at Xfinity Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut.

    The Hartford Courant described Aldean's wildly popular video, which originally featured footage of Black Lives Matters riots, as "inciting racist violence, glorifying vigilantism and disparaging cities". What about "mostly peaceful protests"?

    The protest was organized by Kamora Herrington, who founded Kamora’s Cultural Corner in Hartford, after she saw a meme of Aldean wearing a rainbow dress.

    Source: TikTok

    A Hartford-based musician and activist, DJ Ephraim Adamz, came up with the "small towns against hate" slogan for the "ball gown" protest, and invited followers on Facebook to join 'in solidarity'. Adamz, who is also an advocate for decriminalizing sex work (see video #SexWorkIsWork), is offering a free download of his newest song which was released in response to Aldean's popular song.

    Other organizations, including BLM860, an activist group based in Hartford, are promoting the event, and even cautioning about what happens should you get arrested. The group makes it seem as though it might be worth the risk to do something arrest-worthy at the protest since, after all, you'll get a free lunch and the police will likely drop the charges so there will be no lasting consequences. Go figure!

    Source: Twitter.

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