• BEWARE: WEF Partner, C40 Cities, Calling For Radical Changes To Address Alleged "Climate Crisis"

    August 28, 2023
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    A World Economic Forum (WEF) partner organization called “C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group” is making headlines over the shocking recommendations it wants members to implement for the sake of the alleged "climate crisis” and in order to meet the WEF goal of a “net zero carbon future” for cities.

    The US has 14 C40 cities:  Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.  

    Source: C40 Cities

    Mayors of C40 cities have committed to using an "inclusive, science-based and collaborative approach" to cut emissions in half by 2030, to help the world limit global heating to 1.5°C, and to build “equitable” communities.  

    C40 supports mayors' efforts by:

    1) Raising climate ambition.  This requires “transformational” changes to deliver climate action.  Wealthier cities must make an immediate and steep decline in current emission levels, divest from fossil fuels, and commit to “zero waste” and renewable energy among other things like “green and healthy streets”.  The Greenwich Avenue “bump-outs” are a perfect example of green streets.  Like most globalist initiatives, this transformational change requires cities to commit to signing an “equity pledge” because C40 alleges “climate change is unfair”.  Note that the city of Bridgeport already signed the equity pledge.  C40 also is pushing for a radical global green new deal to help achieve its vision of climate, social and economic justice. 

    2) Building equitable communities.  C40 proudly declares that, “there is no climate justice without social justice, and action at the city level is critical to achieve both.”  So the aim here is to ensure a “just" transition away from fossil fuel-dominated economies, create green jobs and opportunities "for those previously left behind” and to achieve "economic justice alongside social and environmental justice".  As a result, C40 is calling for “collective action” to combat “unjust” energy prices that create “energy poverty” for instance.

    3) Building a global movement.  This is about limiting global heating to the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement, while also delivering a "green and just" recovery from the covid plandemic. This also includes some specific objectives, such as ending all public investments in fossil fuels, including coal, as well as alignment with the UN Climate Change Conferences that put “equity” at the heart of all decision-making.

    4) Scaling up climate action.  This includes taking specific action around water, air quality, energy, food systems, transportation, waste management and more.  For example, transportation actions are about creating walking and cycling networks, ending ownership of all gas-powered vehicles, and moving to all electric vehicles—which we’ve already seen in Connecticut with Lamont’s unpopular EV mandate.  Also included here is a severe limit on air travel, including 1 short-haul return flight (<1,500 kilometers) per person every three years.  Another item, “food systems”, is about adopting the Planetary Health Diet, a predominantly vegetarian diet.  This is where the goals of zero meat consumption and zero dairy consumption come into play, and in fact, New York City has already signed the pledge to be a “good food” city.  Another climate action includes limiting people to just 3 new clothing items per year.

    5) Facilitating access to finance for investment.  This is about scaling up investment in green initiatives with good environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores, and simultaneously divesting all city pensions and investments from all fossil fuels.  C40 promotes progressive economic policies, including increased regulations on pollution, subsidies for weather-dependent energy sources, and increased municipal government control over local economies.

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    C40 is led by a rotating series of mayors, including current chair London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and previous chairs like LA Mayor Eric Garcetti (2019-2021), Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo (2016-2019) and NYC Mayor Michale Bloomberg (2010-2013).  

    Bloomberg, who is known for taking an incredible 1,700 flights from 2016-2020, serves as President of the C40 board.  He also owns a massive car collection, the very thing that C40 wants to take away from regular citizens.

    Major funders of C40 initiatives include Bloomberg, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, Realdania, and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, among others.

    If you like the freedom of deciding what food you want to eat, what kind of car you want to drive, how often you want to fly, and what clothing you want to buy, then you should be extremely wary of any of globalist tied to C40 and the WEF.

    While these globalists might tell you their skills are incredibly valuable in planning your town’s future for the next quarter century, the truth is that they will most likely be making decisions to pave the way for adopting radical, progressive policies rooted in the Marxist doctrine of equity—policies that will severely restrict and/or remove your personal freedoms.



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    B Seidem

    There is NO climate change crisis. Go that NO, NONE. It is all a hoax just like covid was.

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