• Biometric Data Collection Sign That Spooked Vernon ShopRite Customers Part Of CT Data Privacy Act Requirements, Went Into Effect July 1, 2023

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    Consumers at ShopRite in Vernon, Connecticut, were shocked at a sign posted on the front door of the store that indicated "biometric identifier information" was being collected by the store, "which may include: facial recognition, eye scans and voiceprints."

    The manager of the Vernon store, Jay, declined to comment and deferred to the store's owner, Jordan Coe, who confirmed that the stores operated security cameras.

    A spokesperson for the store, Karen O'Shea, said, "this technology is helping our stores reduce retail crime, an industry-wide challenge that has increased dramatically over the last few years. Only trained asset protection associates use the system, which helps us focus attention on repeat shoplifters."

    O'Shea continued, "we follow all applicable laws, including posting signage to make shoppers aware of the use of biometric software. Retail theft and shoplifting has a high rate of repeat offense and drives up grocery costs for all customers. We have found that this technology -- used thoughtfully and in combination with other measures we take to reduce theft – is helping prevent crime in store and keep our customers and associates safe."

    The signs were placed on select ShopRite storefronts in response to Connecticut's Data Privacy Act (CTDPA) which passed in May 2022, but didn't take effect until July 1, 2023.

    "The CTDPA gives Connecticut residents certain rights over their personal data and establishes responsibilities and privacy protection standards for data controllers that process personal data.  It protects a Connecticut resident acting in an individual or household context, such as browsing the Internet or making a purchase at a store. It does not protect an individual acting in an employment context, such as applying for a job."

    Of course, security cameras are nothing new, and have been widely used for years by now. Even mobile phones are often equipped with face recognition software for authentication purposes. The only difference is now that CTDPA is in place, you should at least theoretically know when you are being tracked in Connecticut.

    Source: Twitter

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    F D

    Ordinance needs to be passed against this. Hope Vernon’s Ordinance Committee has appointees with good sense.
    Store will have to find another way to deal with shoplifters that does not intrude upon the rights of law abiding citizens.

    E Hesse

    Now the puzzle pieces fit together to form the bigger picture: do away with law enforcement > increased crime > excuse to install "biometric identifier information" systems. Laying the groundwork for control over everyone's movements out of "compliance". Right under our noses, people.

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