• Blumenthal Sent Letter To Chief Justice Roberts To Demand Clarence Thomas Recuse Himself In United States v. Trump

    December 22, 2023
    U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Source: X

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    U.S. Senator Richard "Da Nang Dick" Blumenthal sent a letter to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts to urge him to "take appropriate steps to ensure that Justice Clarence Thomas recuses himself from consideration of the petition for certiorari and any future proceedings in United States v. Trump."

    If not, Blumenthal said that Thomas needs to provide an explanation of his recusal decision that shows "how his participation comports with judicial ethics and federal law."

    Blumenthal raised the issue with Roberts because of an appearance of a conflict of interest with respect to Justice Thomas' wife, Virginia, whom Blumenthal says, "has been deeply involved in former President Trump’s attempt to overturn the most recent presidential election, including by attending the January 6th rally..."

    Justice Thomas’s “impartiality might reasonably be questioned,” wrote Blumenthal.

    Blumenthal's letter didn't seem to have an impact on the Supreme Court's decision to deny the petition for a writ of certiorari in United States v. Trump today.

    The SCOTUS did not explain the reasoning and there were no noted dissents in its denial.

    The move will likely delay the trial.

    Blumenthal responded to the court's decision by alleging SCOTUS was "advancing Trump's playbook" which he said "further strains its credibility."

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    They are targeting our last defense against totalitarian rule.

    🐎🇺🇲Buck Stuckster

    #votebluenogasforyou ⛽
    #himesdisease 🦟

    Big John

    The problem that Senator Blumenthal has with his recusal demand letter, is that Ms. Thomas is not a Justice on the US Supreme Court. Her husband is. Justice Thomas' seat on the court does not negate Ms. Thomas' Constitutional Right to support anyone she wishes for any elected office. Or for that matter, negate Justice Thomas' ability to be an impartial Justice hearing cases brought before him.


    Mr Stolen Valor himself, what a hypocrite.

    Ben Colder

    DA Nang Dick is a pos he is a disgrace to the senate and to the United States he is a liar and you can bet he is getting his ten percent .With guys like him who needs enemies .The US is on the verge of being a communist state thanks to the likes of this bastard.

    Captain Ballistic

    I demand Blumenthal resign as Senator due to his stolen valor.

    William Wallace

    Haven't seen many Marxist Judges recuse themselves when they said that their whole reason for being was to stop Trump ... particularly in NY and Georgia..and the despicable Left has resorted to calling Justice Thomas.."Uncle Thomas" ...giving new meaning to the over used word 'racism"


    It appears DIcky wants women to stay home, barefoot and pregnant and never ever have an opinion let alone state it. I wonder if he ever recuses himself from Senate votes when the correspond with his wife's many radical causes?

    Last edited 5 months ago by Doyle
    Pelosi's Hammer

    Just as FJB doesn't discuss Hunter's business dealings, Clarence doesn't discuss business dealings with Virginia. Goose, meet Gander.


    Lying scumbag needs to go away forever.


    you are the Schmuck of all the Schmucks out there.

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