• Bombshell Report: Federal Government, Universities, Big Tech Conspired To Censor Free Speech Through Election Integrity Project—CT Officials Implicated In Report

    November 7, 2023

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    U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan shared a bombshell report on how the federal government, disinformation “experts” at universities, Big Tech, and others worked together through the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP) in order to monitor and censor the free speech of Americans, including true information, jokes and opinions, before the 2020 election.

    The EIP was created at the request of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) whose mission is to lead the national effort to understand, manage, and reduce risk to the U.S. cyber and physical infrastructure.

    Source: US Rep Jim Jordan, per X (formerly Twitter)

    The process worked like this: EIP “stakeholders” (including the federal government) would submit misinformation reports, EIP would “analyze” those reports and find similar content across multiple platforms, and then EIP would submit the report to Big Tech, often along with a recommendation on how to censor posts that included true information, jokes and political commentary.

    Example of censored Tweet from Donald Trump

    A long list of accounts were censored, including Donald Trump, Senator Thom Tillis, Newt Gingrich, Governor Mike Huckabee, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Sean Hannity, Mollie Hemingway, Harmeet Dhillon, Charlie Kirk, Candace Owen, Jack Posobiec, Benny Johnson, Tom Fitton, The Babylon Bee, Newsmax, Michelle Malkin, Sean Davis (The Federalist), Dave Rubin, Paul Sperry, Tracy Beanz, Chanel Rion, James O'Keefe, and many more.

    Jordan published a spreadsheet of the accounts and posts that were censored so that Americans can find out if they were targeted by their own government and the so-called “disinformation” experts, along with the full, 104-page report on The Weaponization of "Disinformation" by Pseudo-Experts and Bureaucrats: How the Federal Government Partnered With Universities To Censor Americans' Political Speech.

    The State of Connecticut appears multiple times in the report.

    For instance, the email below, sent on November 2—the day before the 2020 election—reveals that a CISA official informed Twitter: “Please see below reporting from Connecticut election officials. The ticket is also tagged EIP-572.” What's particularly troubling about this post is that CISA and EIP were supposed to be independent of one another. Yet CISA personnel, who supposedly had no access to EIP’s system, actually referenced the EIP-specific ticket codes when discussing “misinformation” reports, something they shouldn't have known if they were truly independent agencies.

    "The EIP routinely flagged conservative content on social media under the guise that it was inappropriately “delegitimizing” election results, even in cases where the content was factually accurate. Criticism of the electoral system is constitutionally protected speech. A political system that allows a small minority of government-approved “experts” to exercise influence over the ability of other citizens to express concerns with the government represents a profound threat to our constitutional republic. Indiscriminately or improperly suppressing accusations of electoral fraud necessarily suppresses speech about real instances of electoral fraud, thereby allowing the government free rein to conduct elections in a manner that is not accountable to the American people," said the report.

    People in Connecticut are all too familiar with election fraud after videos of ballot stuffing emerged and "bags of ballots" were discovered in the recent Bridgeport democrat primary between John Gomes and current Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim. In a stunning verdict, the judge ended up throwing out the democrat primary result and called for a new democrat primary less than a week before the election.

    Officials from Connecticut flagged numerous posts and accounts for censorship in the days leading up to the 2020 election. The names of those officials are redacted in the spreadsheet, but sometimes information in the body of the email suggested the emails originated from the office of then-Secretary of State Denise Merrill.

    Here are examples of posts that were flagged by people with "CT.Gov" email addresses:

    Connecticut official emails CISA to ask, "Should I be sending stuff like this to the [[email protected]|mailto:[email protected]] address when reporting instances of disinformation? Just want to check with you if a tweet like this is worth sending."

    This one appears to have been flagged by someone in Denise Merrill's office as a misinformation report, but it takes on a whole new meaning in light of the Gomes / Ganim ballot stuffing scandal.

    Here's a misinformation report about a tweet alleging that not all votes in Connecticut were counted.

    This account was flagged for spreading misinformation that covid lockdowns would be coming after the election.

    These tweets were flagged for election misinformation even though reports like this were frequently made throughout the country, not just in Connecticut.

    Another tweet that mentions watching out for Bridgeport fraud...

    This report features an account that "quote tweeted" Donald Trump claiming that a large pile of ballots were seen on a highway in Shelton, Connecticut, apparently dumped. The report appears to come from Denise Merrill's office and suggests that it's "just conspiratorial remarks." 

    "Hey – I don’t know if we are keeping this going after election day, and this is less misinformation then some violent imagery, but I wanted to flag it for you guys." Here's the account:

    Here's another flagged tweet... but it was actually a common report made in multiple elections, including the 2022 election where this reporter personally witnessed pencils being given to voters in Stamford, CT.

    This is only a sample of the posts that were flagged in 2020 by officials in Connecticut.

    Search the spreadsheet yourself to see if you made the list.

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