• Bridgeport Ballot Fraud Update: Judge Orders New Democratic Primary For Mayor In Gomes Case

    November 1, 2023
    John Gomes.

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    Superior Court Judge William Clark has ordered a new primary in the shocking case of ballot fraud brought forth by Bridgeport Mayoral candidate John Gomes.

    Judge Clark said that the totality of evidence presented was "sufficient to demonstrate that a substantial number of ballots were handled improperly in violation of mandatory provisions of Connecticut law.”

    The municipal election is scheduled for November 7th, but the November 1st ruling requires a new democrat mayoral primary within 10 days, meaning the primary could conceivably happen after the municipal election on November 7th.

    How that will impact election day in Bridgeport remains unclear at this time.

    In theory, both Ganim and Gomes would appear on the ballot, Ganim as a Democrat and Gomes as an Independent.

    If Gomes wins on Tuesday, a new primary wouldn't matter to him. But if Gomes loses, he will certainly hope that Judge Clark's ruling stands, and a new primary is conducted

    If Ganim wins on Tuesday and Gomes subsequently wins the new primary, then what?

    Does that mean a new election?

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