• Both Target And Kohl's Under Fire For Supporting Organizations That Groom Children, Including GLSEN And The Trevor Project

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    Over the last week, Target and now Kohl's have come under fire for targeting children and even babies with merchandise that highlights transgenderism.

    Target has already cut ties with the transgender clothing designer who had links to satanism and the occult, but its collection still includes children’s board books like “Bye, Bye Binary” and “The Pronoun Book.”  Kohl’s collection includes outfits for babies aged 3 months and up that feature the transgender pride flag.

    Of course, as the manager of Kohl’s in Norwalk said, "If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it."

    But perhaps more troubling is that these retailers also have relationships with organizations that have been accused of grooming children, including GLSEN and The Trevor Project.

    Let’s take a closer look.

    Target and GLSEN

    Target is a proud supporter GLSEN and its mission, so much so that Target and GLSEN have been in collaboration for more than 10 years.  A Target marketing VP even holds a senior position at GLSEN. 

    According to Target, “GLSEN leads the movement in creating affirming, accessible and anti-racist spaces for LGBTQIA+ students.”  

    The truth is that GLSEN promotes radical gender ideology to schools under the guise of “inclusive curriculum” and through Gender Sexuality Alliance clubs.  It also clearly supports the tenets of critical race theory, as evidenced by the nod to anti-racism.

    When you first land on the website, a pop-up appears to let you know how to quickly escape so no one can see what you are doing.  

    Source: www.glsen.org

    The group's curriculum resource guide for teachers includes such things as the “gender identity flower” lesson and a pronoun guide, among a wide rage of sex ed resources.  GLSEN even offers tips to teachers for making science more inclusive from the perspective of a trans teacher who aims to “normalize queer and trans experiences” among students.  He’s an 8th grade biology teacher. 

    GLSEN also offers a free "Rainbow Library” to school districts upon request.

    Source: Greenwich Public Schools FOIA Request

    Greenwich High School previously received a free Rainbow Library, which is still prominently featured on the library's Twitter page.  The collection included books like “Felix Everafter” which features a teen who had top surgery on the cover, “All Boys Aren’t Blue” which graphically describes sex acts, and “Beyond Magenta” which includes references to pedophilia.

    Kohl’s and The Trevor Project

    Kohl’s is tied to the The Trevor Project, which has repeatedly been accused of grooming children in chat rooms with sex talk about fetishes, and how to keep that hidden from parents.  

    Source: www.kohls.com

    The group Gays Against Groomers issued a strong warning about the group's online forum "TrevorSpace” saying that, "browsing the website for merely a few minutes makes it abundantly clear what it actually is: an online dating service for children and people aged 13-24."

    Just this year, Kohl’s donated $100,000 to The Trevor Project.

    The Trevor Project bills itself as an LGBTQ-focused youth mental health organization.  Even the Town of Greenwich features the Trevor Project on the Greenwich Suicide Postvention Response Team brochure.

    One area of focus for The Trevor Project's counseling services is gender identity where it promotes the false notion that gender is a social construct.

    The Trevor Project is also a vocal opponent of laws that seek to put limits on gender affirming care, including the use of cross-sex hormones for children.  The group even published a “study” back in 2021 that claimed hormone therapy benefited trans youth.  It turned out that the study was not a real randomized trial, but rather a voluntary online quiz that offered prizes to respondents.

    So Now What?

    Target has reportedly lost $10B in ten days.  

    Kohl’s stock price opened down 2.5% this morning.  

    Backlash is growing and there have been calls across social media to boycott retailers ahead of Pride month.

    Whether schools and other organizations are paying attention to the increasing resentment over their relationships with controversial groups like GLSEN and The Trevor Project remains to be seen.  

    But we’re surely in for an interesting Pride month, don’t you think?

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