• BREAKING: Stefanowski Within Margin Of Error

    October 27, 2022
    Image by Patrick Trueman

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    A source has informed The Connecticut Centinal that the race between CT GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Bob Stefanowski and incumbent Governor Ned Lamont is down to less than 3 points, meaning, the race is now in the margin of error, essentially tied.

    The CDC's addition of the Covid gene therapies, or 'vaccines' to the childhood vaccination schedule has given Connecticut voters a reason to vote Republican -- the safety of their children.

    Lamont refused to rule out mandating the injection for children in Connecticut school's, saying he would trust the 'experts'.

    Stefanowski firmly rejected harming children with the dangerous gene serums.

    With less than two weeks till the midterm elections, Connecticut is 'in play' up and down the ballot.

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    Robin M

    I believe even in "blue" Ct, that Republicans have a good chance of taking back the state. With that said, I don't trust the dems not to cheat. They have for years, they are experts at deceit and fraud. How do we beat that?

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