• EXPLOSIVE: Bridgeport Video Shows Tampering With Absentee Ballots In Democrat Mayoral Primary

    September 17, 2023

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    John Gomes, who was seeking the nomination to run for Mayor of Bridgeport, released video surveillance footage that appears to show tampering with absentee ballots.

    The explosive video starts with footage of Wanda Geter-Pataky, a city of Bridgeport employee, the Vice-Chairman of the Bridgeport Democrat Town Committee and Ganim campaign associate, proudly exclaiming, "I got your back, Mayor" to current Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, while she smiled, laughed and rubbed Ganim's shoulders.

    Then the video cuts to footage from 5:41am on September 5th. It shows a woman, allegedly Wanda Geter-Pataky, inside City Hall carrying what appears to be a stack of absentee ballots across the lobby. The next scene shows the same woman, now outside City Hall, approaching the outdoor ballot drop box with the same stack of envelopes, presumably absentee ballots. She deposits the envelopes into the ballot box all at once at 5:42am.

    She leaves the outdoor ballot box, walks across the plaza, then turns around to head back to stuff even more envelopes into the ballot box at 5:43am.

    She returns again at 6:38am to stuff a third stack of ballots into the outdoor drop box.

    Then at 7:17am on September 5th, the employee allegedly prepares another stack of absentee ballots, but this time hands them off to a male employee. She leads the male across the lobby, through the door, and then watches as he stuffs the stack of envelopes into the ballot box.

    The Gomes campaign is demanding a criminal investigation of the matter, calling it a stolen election.

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    No one can question election results it’s unconstitutional!


    Unless you are a Democrat!


    You got video but it takes three year just to recommend a investigation by the state election officials?

    Bob Oscar

    Democrats stealing elections?? Who would of thot!


    Cue the standard Democrat canards: you arent seeing what you're seeing; this is the CORTECT vote-handling method; you are a Republican so GO TO PRISON for noticing us cheat, etc.

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