• Bridgeport Council Woman Calls Police Chief A Pig, Officers Piglets In Unhinged Rant After Vote In Favor Of Israel-Palestine Ceasefire Resolution

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    Last night, the Bridgeport City Council heard about a half hour of public comment before voting on a symbolic resolution for a ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

    The all-Democrat council voted 13-2 in favor of the resolution which pushes Biden "to immediately call for and facilitate immediate deescalation and a permanent cease-fire to urgently end the current violence in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank."

    The resolution also calls for U.S.-led humanitarian efforts in Gaza and the West Bank, asks for the release of innocent Israeli hostages and "Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails," and urges a peaceful "two state solution."

    Ten people from the community offered comments on the resolution.

    But the real fireworks came after the resolution passed in the wee hours of the night.

    That's when councilwoman Maria Pereira sent an unhinged email to City Council President Aidee Nieves where she called Bridgeport Police Chief Porter a "pig":

    "I don’t back down from anyone and I do mean anyone which includes Porter the Pig and his piglets."

    Pereira, who was arrested on election day a couple months ago for allegedly assaulting a senior citizen outside a voting precinct, also promised "to set that Palestinian mob who was incapable of comporting themselves in an appropriate manner on their heels" and assured that if any of them harassed, intimidated or verbally or physically Judge Lopez again, "they will regret it." 

    "That is an absolute promise," said Pereira.

    Pereira is also under investigation for alleged absentee ballot fraud and for entering the unoccupied home of a senior citizen in search of her absentee ballot and has been banned from public housing units for tormenting seniors for votes.

    Here is an excerpt from her email to Nieves:

    Remember, Bridgeport is in the middle of the mayoral election redo, and Pereira is a key supporter of candidate John Gomes.

    OnlyInBridgeport describes Pereira as Gomes' "chief absentee ballot harvester" so this could obviously create issues for the campaign.

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