• Can We Return To Civility In Greenwich?

    January 3, 2024

    How is it that James Waters, Dan Quigley, two Democrats calling themselves The Voting Moms and Democrat elected officials and candidates orchestrating the (false) smear on the Sensible Greenwich candidates, are able to get away with poisoning the character of Greenwich and blowing up one the town's most cherished community values — civility?

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    The tactics were weapons-grade.  The “wrap-up smear” goes like this:  get the Greenwich Time (GT) to publish the smear by giving them the “scoop”, tip off the New York Times (NYT) eager to cover the so-called “extremism” in our prominent town, then get local political organizations like Voting Moms to frighten voters that there were “extremists” in our midst, citing the NYT and GT, then, as a bonus, generate new press coverage of the Voting Moms to amplify and solidify the misinformation, and then post it on the DTC website (The Voting Moms Endorse Bipartisan Moderate Slate of Candidates for RTM – Greenwich Democratic Town Committee (greenwichdemocrats.org).  It was a well-played, political dirty tricks tactic and it definitely made a difference in the RTM elections, but at what cost to individuals, friendships and responsible governance in the Greenwich community?    

    For the record, the Sensible Greenwich candidates for RTM was made up of conservatives and independents, decent, qualified, hard-working professionals, veterans, accomplished retirees, active volunteers and incumbents, who care about Greenwich and were willing to devote time to stewarding its future.   

    These candidates are a part of the community.  They are parents who cheer for your children alongside you when they score that goal or win that race or score a touchdown.  They are retirees who volunteer to work with your parents and grandparents at The River House.  They welcome your children into their homes for study groups, birthday parties and socializing.  They plant bulbs on town spaces for you to enjoy in the Spring. They are veterans who fought for your freedoms. They are investment professionals who help you grow your 401k.  Many are also the faithful who pray for our community’s safety and prosperity.  They are all here to enjoy with you the human experience by contributing to the Greenwich community in their own individual ways.  

    The Sensible Greenwich candidates chose Greenwich for themselves and their family’s life.  Some of them were lucky to grow up here, others chose Greenwich for its community, beautiful natural resources, low taxes and good governance.   

    All Greenwich residents are invested in this community and often have different views on how it should be run.  And don’t we want different points of view so the very best ideas for our town can rise to the top?  An echo chamber at RTM of the same ideas is not productive and we should welcome diverse opinions and respect each other’s points of view.  

    There was no need for weapons-grade, assault campaigning nor is there any need to infuse national politics into the local issues of our Town.  Reject those who want us to hate each other and make Greenwich a perpetual battleground.  It is time to return to civility and collaborate for a prosperous future for our children, our Town, and new residents.  Let’s take this opportunity to move forward together, appreciate each other and unify the Town of Greenwich once again.   

    Making Greenwich a battleground is too high a price to pay for political gain.

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    C Volkwein

    Brilliant analysis thank you!

    George Washington

    Sensible Greenwich candidates got crushed in the RTM elections and are now crybabies. Good luck next time.


    Yes, crushed. Funny how Republicans won every seat up for election yet every Sensible Greenwich candidate lost? The town is mostly registered Democrats now…. Perhaps deals were made behind closed doors???


    Why is "Staff Writer" anonymous? That's not journalism. That's cowardice

    Concerned Parent

    Maybe better to focus on the message rather than have readers distracted by the messenger.

    Kristen Niemynski

    Very well said. I echo these sentiments

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