• Brookfield Public School Teacher Tells Students If They Question Transgenderism, They Are A Bigot

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    The Brookfield Public School district has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons lately.

    Last year, Brookfield was in the news over challenges it received to sexually-explicit, pornographic books like Fun Home and This Book is Gay.

    Brookfield Principal Marc Balanda actually argued that showing 13-year-olds pictures of oral sex was fine so long as there is “context” and promised that absolutely everything in the challenged books was appropriate. He said it's dangerous to look at just one picture in a book and make a decision.

    Of course, parents disagreed with Balanda's views.

    Brookfield made international headlines when a tampon dispenser located in a boy's restroom in the high school got ripped off the walls within 20 minutes of being installed.

    Balanda allegedly wanted to treat the incident, which he called “the most egregious instance of vandalism and destruction of property in recent weeks,” as a "hate crime" which did not happen.

    Instead, the boy who did the deed was celebrated in conservative media and even received a signed MAGA hat and personal note from Donald Trump, congratulating him for his act of defiance against a woke agenda.

    Now Brookfield is in the headlines again, as an art teacher is under fire after telling students that if they question transgenderism, they are a bigot!

    "Get yourself educated so that the words that come out of your mouth don't make you sound like a bigot," art teacher Sarah Bratchell asserted to her class. Then she told students to "snap if you understand" and they did.

    Considering the fact that Brachtell, who uses she/her pronouns, specifically lists "social justice" in her Linked In profile, it should probably not come as a surprise that she's standing in solidarity with transgender students.

    Screenshot, Linked In

    Parents are obviously upset about the on-going issues in the district.

    Screenshot, X.

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    Real Mom

    Home school your children !


    Disgusting. Fire her

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