• Calls For Investigation Into Sex Ed Curriculum After Joel Barlow 10th Grade Assignment Exposed

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    Easton’s Board of Selectmen meeting on May 4, 2023, included public comment from a community leader about the controversial vocabulary list used for 10th Grade Wellness Education at Joel Barlow High School earlier in the week.

    Anne Manusky, President of the Connecticut Republican Assembly and Connecticut Chapter of US Parents Involved In Education President, expressed concern over “pornographic material” that has appeared in the district, despite the fact that Sexual Education is not technically mandated by Connecticut State Statute, according to Manusky.

    She wondered what other sexual instructions might be given to students without parents’ knowledge, and whether Family Life education still existed.

    Manusky also called for an investigation into why students younger than 16 would be given a vocabulary list where the first term was “abortion”.  She indicated that many parents in the community were outraged about the assignment.

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    The original news item generated a flurry of social media comments, including people calling it “revolting garbage” and “disgusting and immoral”.

    Some even called it “fake news” though no one denied that the assignment took place.

    One anonymous commenter stated that sex education helps to reduce the stigma and potential discrimination against marginalized LGBTQ+ individuals, and even suggested that parents don’t have the knowledge or comfort level for such discussions.

    A number of commenters claiming to be students wrote in support of the assignment.

    One alleged student said, "the point of these packets is not to ’sexualize’ us.”  But then just a few lines later said, “if anything, it has made us students more comfortable with the idea of sex.”  

    Perhaps this writer is too young to understand the hypocrisy of this statement?

    Another person called the article “fake news” because the packet had been used multiple times before “this week” and claimed that "children aren’t even bothered” by the assignment.  

    Of course, comments like that simply serve to reinforce that students are being sexualized through assignments like this.


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    Claire Utz

    As a grandparent and former teacher, I was horrified about the vocabulary used in this class. My grandson attends Jill Barlow, and he brought this to my attention. He stated he was extremely embarrassed when he had to read from the packet, and say the sexual terms out loud. I also asked him if abstinence was part of the instruction, and he told me it was not. The comment in the article which stated that parents are most likely too uncomfortable to communicate this information to their children is rather presumptuous.
    I truly feel that imparting this curriculum to students normalizes these behaviors. Is this really were education is headed?

    Amy Williams

    Everyone has been sexualized and then “desensitized” to the truly pornographic part of the education- this isn’t the Birds and the Bees, this is XXX and the goal is to get your kids involved!
    Sickening, and sad- not for school, and not healthy for anyone(including adults)!
    Get the kids OUT of harms way- out of the Culturally Marxist Schools!

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