• Chris Murphy Appears Annoyed By Palestine Solidarity Activists Protesting Outside His Avon Fundraiser

    December 2, 2023

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    The Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America (CT DSA) shared footage of protestors gathered outside a fundraiser for U.S. Senator Chris Murphy in Avon, CT, today.

    The "Palestine Solidarity Activists" were holding signs with pictures of Murphy and the words "complicit" and "genocide" in large block letters, and demanding that he join U.S. Senators Jeff Merkeley and Jim Welch in calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

    The protestors confronted Murphy in the parking lot, yelling "shame, shame, shame on you!" and questioned his support for Israel.

    Others chanted things like, “ceasefire now!” and “end the occupation" while holding a massive banner that said Murphy had blood on his hands.

    One protestor asked Murphy to "protect the kids that Israel is bombing, starving, and torturing.

    At least one of the Palestine Solidarity comrades made it inside the event, and challenged Murphy at the end, saying that there is no future for the Democrat party unless they embrace a ceasefire.

    Murphy just smiled and joked that it would be better if he departed the event rather than responding to the man's accusations.

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    Paul A

    Welcome to the life of a flip flipper. Time for change.

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