• Chris Murphy Says Republicans "Making A Mockery" Of Impeachment Clause, Sees No Grounds For Impeachment

    September 14, 2023
    Source: Chris Murphy, X (formerly Twitter)

    U.S. Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut believes there are absolutely no grounds for Republicans to be launching an impeachment effort against President Joe Biden, and calls the move "ludicrous".

    "Whatever you think about the impeachment of President Trump, Democrats didn't launch an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump without any grounds and hope that the inquiry would dig something up," said Himes. "We only launched our impeachment process after President Trump had been caught red handed trying to trade U.S. taxpayer dollars, security aid, for political help for his campaign." Really?

    He goes onto allege that no crimes or misdemeanors were committed by Biden, and that this is just an attempt by Republicans to embarrass, intimidate and bully Biden with what he calls a "counter Constitutional" challenge.

    He also asserts that Republicans have no idea how to fix the country, make schools better, put people back to work or to repair the immigration system.

    It seems Murphy is suffering from a classic case of projection.

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    James Goodfellow

    Unlike the baseless Trump Impeachments that have proven to be based on false testimony. Evidence of foreign bribery not enough for Kooky Chris Murphy. I guess Chris is on the CCP payroll, too.

    James D Pecora

    Probably a very solid "guess".

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