• MONTANARO: Greenwich Democrat Lies

    September 14, 2023
    RTC Vice-Chair Joe Montanaro.
    Source: Greenwich Republicans.

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    As Democrat elected officials lie and try to muzzle opposition, the silence from the Democrat community at large is deafening.

    Recently a major university fired a professor who’s fraudulent research helped promote the divisive Democrat ideals of institutionalized race-based preferences which ignore real need and create hate and mistrust among people of all races. The Supreme Court voted against such policies which focus on race instead of character because they “employ race in a negative manner, involve racial stereotyping and lack meaningful endpoints.”

    But local protests by parents concerned that this far-left political ideology is infiltrating our schools were met with vile accusations of racism, sexism and antisemitism by leading Democrats and their online operatives. More recently, even the Greenwich DTC has taken up these tactics of attacking any opposition with hate-filled language, previously relegated to more fringe Democrats. These days, the Democrat candidates and DTC strategy is to lie, attack, criticize, and denigrate our Town to create discontent, hoping this will bring them victory at the polls. To them lies don’t matter because they believe their goals justify the means. When all else fails they try to silence opposition, with “censure” and on-line blocks.

    Here is a sampling of their online rhetoric. Mr. Goldrick is a former Democrat BET member, Mr. Kordick, and Ms. Wasserman are current members of the Democrat Town Committee, Mr. Meskers is a Democrat State Representative, and Carla Mosely is an online alias.

    Source: Facebook
    Source: Facebook
    Source: Facebook
    Source: Facebook
    Source: Facebook
    Source: Facebook

    Responses to being called “child hating,” “racists,” “thugs,” “terrorists, “antisemites,” “unhinged” and “nazis” are often not published or are heavily edited by sympathetic local press like the Greenwich Time and New Yorker. These publications even print home-grown articles and editorials with similar accusations.

    Online responses in comments are drowned in a sea of horse manure spread by ever-present activists who troll Facebook and Instagram to mock and attack opposition. Anyone who persists is eventually blocked with highly biased “moderation.”

    These are the people who want your vote in the upcoming election.

    Not content with vile attacks on neighbors, they have been making equally false claims that Greenwich school buildings are “crumbling” and “full of sewage” and that this is because Greenwich Republicans refuse to spend enough.

    Yet these folks send your kids (and theirs) to these supposedly dangerous and contaminated buildings, and they repeatedly vote against any timely repairs.

    Democrat officials justify these insidious lies with tiny kernels of truth. For example, the lie that “our schools are crumbling” is based on an engineering report which warned that some of the supports holding the Central Middle School fascia were rusting and buckling. The fascia walls were repaired, but somehow the school remains “crumbling” to these far-left Democrats.

    In truth, Greenwich has been steadily rebuilding all our facilities for years. Schools have been the number one priority and have always received the lion’s share of the Town’s annual nearly half a billion dollar budget. In fact, Greenwich has spent more than $1.2 billion on capital projects since 2006, and the Greenwich Board of Ed has spent over $800 million on school buildings and maintenance over the same period.

    Look around town and decide for yourself. Who are you going to believe? Democrats who loudly proclaim that you or your neighbors are scum and that our buildings are crumbling and full of sewage, yet vote against fixes and send their kids there every day?

    Or Republicans, who have held our beautiful Town of Greenwich on a steady course of fiscally responsible spending for the last 100 years to make Greenwich what it is today?

    The choice should be obvious.

    Join our Common Sense, Pro-Greenwich Team.

    Joe Montanaro
    Cos Cob
    Vice-Chair, Greenwich Republicans

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