• Communist Recruiting Propaganda From Socialist Revolution Posted In New Haven Near Yale

    August 27, 2023

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    If you are budding communist or socialist student looking for comrades in New Haven, today is your lucky day because the people at SocialistRevolution.org are advertising for a couple of events in September—Why We Are Communists: The Revolutionary Ideas of Marxism, and Kick Capitalism Out of Education.

    Turns out that Socialist Revolution, which is building a Marxist organization in the U.S., is part of the International Marxist Tendency, a communist organization with a presence in 35 countries worldwide. The group organizes workers and youth for the overthrow of capitalism in order to pave the way for a socialist future for humanity.

    Capitalism is on the brink. An entire generation has known only crisis, austerity, and climate catastrophe. Everywhere we look there is war, poverty, and exploitation. And yet, the rich have seen their wealth grow enormously.

    People are correctly beginning to draw the conclusion that the root of the problem is capitalism itself. Twenty percent of young people in the US now believe that “communism is the ideal system.”


    Socialist Revolution argues that the capitalist system is at the root of poverty, racism, instability, violence, and humiliation that is faced by the exploited and oppressed class every day. To solve these problems, the group fights for a "workers’ government":

    1. Class independence from Democrats and Republicans;
    2. Militant class struggles to 'rebuild' the labor movement;
    3. The right to a job with a guaranteed minimum pay of $1,000 per week;
    4. Guaranteed housing available to everyone at a cost of no more than 10% of wages;
    5. Socialized health care that is free at the point of service;
    6. Free nationalized university education with a guaranteed $1,000 per week for students through grants and paid internships;
    7. Fight all forms of discrimination and guarantee equal pay for work of equal value; this includes free, full-time, high-quality childcare facilities and after-school programs; free reproductive health care and abortions; and affordable public laundry services and subsidized restaurants;
    8. Fight racism with class struggles; ensure reparations for centuries of slavery, colonialism, exploitation, and oppression; end the death penalty; end all immigration and asylum controls; and give full fights and amnesty to every undocumented worker;
    9. Combat the "climate crisis" with a class struggle; and
    10. Abolish all capitalist trade and bankers’ agreements and write off all of the debts imposed by imperialism.

    Gee, sounds great, but who's going to pay for all of that?

    This same organization claimed that the coronavirus pandemic was a product of capitalism that could only be solved with, you guessed it, communism.

    Too bad the folks at Socialist Revolution don't tell you about the downside of communism.

    Like the human rights abuses and the millions deaths that were caused by the Marxist-Leninist regime, the Soviet gulags, the Chinese labor camps, or the Cambodian killing fields.

    Or about how communism reduces competition so organizations end up stagnating, thereby slowing down the economy.

    They don't tell you about the mass propagandizing of millions of children, or how communism limits innovation and creativity.

    And they definitely don't tell you about how communism diminishes personal responsibility, ultimately impacting your very own freedom and the ability to take control of your own life.

    Because if people really understood that, no one would want to be a communist.

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    And people talk about Russia and China????

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